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MB-TIA Cartridge. Presentation.




I'm probably a bit nostalgic for a time I played the game console in the living room of my parent.

Need electronic sounds that have traumatized my childhood.

The Atari 2600.

I started this project 5 years ago. The first prototype I built was too big and too expensive to manufacture and not programmed into MIOS:

blogentry-7584-085643900 1306518242_thum

A friend of mine recently reminded me that I had promised to make one for him(another nostalgic).

So I resumed work in late 2010, after checking that no one already did.

The first question was whether I was able to program it into MIOS.

I tried and succeeded. Then I searched for housing. Why not in a game cartridge of the era!!!

So i try it too. AND it fits in the box.

blogentry-7584-030337000 1306519329_thum

The 2010 Proto

blogentry-7584-096583200 1306519437_thum

next: The TIA (Television Interface Adapter) Atari chip.



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Ooh, retro galore!

Isn't this a pain to program? Guess you'll come to that in the next installment :P

The prototype box looks like a killer control for some expensive rack fx. The 2010 box looks like a pro crammed it!

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yo, the 2600 was my first computer :) played endless hours of pac-man, yars´ revenge, atlantis, demon attack, pitfall 1+2 et al. :)

do you already have sound demoz?

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The CS is not yet fully implemented and gonna be limited so i wrote a Manager with MaxMsp for test during prog (more comfortable) .I need to finish it (esthetic) cause it's part of the demo.

I'm on it. But you can imagine, it's TIA with the SW of the MBSID V1, I kept all useful functionalities LFOs ENVS....obviously without filter and PW cause it doesn't exist on TIA.

And it's polynomial synthesis, waveforms are fixed but wavetable can works too (to do).

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