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Fixed mistakes w/solder wick, added capacitors...




So... After a morning session, a 5 hour rehearsal and 2 hours working in my studio, I was able to sneak into the basement lab to do some work for a short spell.

Here's the board yesterday after I yanked... uh, carefully took out those resistors I had installed incorrectly... It's the R4_SIDx and R24_SIDx series that I had put into the C3_SIDx/C23_SIDx spot. (I stole, er, borrowed my wife's nice camera, so these pics are a little more detailed)


There was still leftover solder in some of the holes as you can see here:


So, I tried using solder wick. It worked out really good sometimes for me, and took forever sometimes. Sometimes the solder sucker completely cleared out the holes too... it was a pretty imperfect science for me, and I don't feel I have quite the hang of it yet, but I more or less got the holes cleared, and only singed the board a little:


So, tonight I added some more capacitors to the SID modules:


But I ran out of time before I could finish, so here's where I stand now:


I wont have time tomorrow to work on it :cry: , so I'll hopefully find some time over the weekend...

I'm movin' forward again, and it feels good!



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I could recommend to buy a desolder-pump for the future.

After a few cheap-models i've bought this one finaly years ago, work great until today.

All the talk about "but ya maybe going to rip off the solder-tabs" I can strickly disagree, X.000 of propper unsoldered parts are on my side of view! ,-)

Keep up the good work and documentation!

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