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  1. Totally forgot about that 'cause out for holiday, sorry guys, will re-pickup it this weekend! :-)
  2. back from holiday - what the f***, got rain the last days, come back and here is over 30°C 0_o

    1. jojjelito


      I always take my holidays the wrong weeks when looking at the weather...

    2. Brathering


      It's okay for me, when it's constant, but two days rain, two days cloudy, two days hot as hell - and repeat randomly - just sucks!

  3. What the problem here, I think he just want to let make a few PCBs and sell'em at factory-costs to offer the community a possibility to save a few bucks - the main-concerm of a bulk-order! :-) If I missed something, don't hesitate to tell me, thanks!
  4. ...hates the postal-service actual. But okay, "free" day more weekend! ...xD

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    2. Hawkeye


      i hate the postal service but like the postwoman, but shhh :)

    3. wicked1


      at least UPS is accountable.. I've had USPS lose packages, even "secure registered mail" and NO ONE is accountable.. thye're just like, oh, sorry... We'll be happy to screw you over next time, too.

    4. Shuriken


      The postal services here are quite decent. Problem with UPS is i have to be at home on a week day.

  5. Maybe my last post was unclear, what I mean is, that ya can try to write the sysEx/CC-data by hand (external!) and load the midi-file to a midi-track or use an editor like this. Do ya wished settings there, load the file, locate/route it at the position it should apply and you're done (...at least in theory, should be worth a try).
  6. A simpler "workaround" could be to write the wished changes by hand and import/loard the specific midi-file with every track, that should work in ableton as well.
  7. ...put his mouser-shopping-card together

    1. Antix


      so...you are ordering that THAT?

    2. Brathering


      Yes, but before final sending ya all will get PN first to double check if ya still interessted! :-)

    3. Antix
  8. I'm a cubase user, so unfortunately no specific ableton hints, sorry. But in general, ya right that ya have to send some sysEx / programm-change information. The way I do is, to do it live first time, and record the commands on the automatic-layer of the specific track. All the best! :-)
  9. I've build the banksticks direktly like seen @ucapps.de -> Bankstick (Eprom <-> Sub-D) without any PCB, works great! ,-)
  10. It was just an idea about the switch-mode because several wallys (stable, unstable, transformer, switchmode) fail in the efx-circuit, with a 9V-bat everything is fine. Before I buy a wally like mentioned by you I think I'll go the diy-route and be shure that it work as it should, but thanks for ya reply! :-)
  11. @Hawkeye: I see, I should have make it more clear, the question was not about LMxxxx in general, that should we all know from our midiboxes, it is more about specific PSUs with the 317 and diodes for (bridge-)rectifying as in the PSU linked above - but thanks anyhow! :-) @jojjelito: Yeah, that's the point why choose this one! ,-) @m00dawg: I've several 08-15-wallys here, all with the same problem. It seems that some switch-mode-circuit is present in all of them, okay for a midibox but absolutly not for (guitar-)effects without additional filtering. I've learn it the-hard-way a f
  12. So, after find out that the noise in my last efx-circuit comes from the "wally-test-psu" I use for prototyping it's time to build one by myself. Searching the web for a while, it's look like the simplest solution is to go the voltage-regulator-route like this: tonepad-pedalpower.pdf So, before I start building I want to ask, any experience with LM317 based PSUs here? Better solutions known!? thanks in advance alex
  13. The tranny (0,06€) I forgot to order for the scrambler just arrived - so final assembling is in progress

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    2. Brathering


      So, scrambler DON'T work as it should, what a supprise! 0_o

      Hum on the output, sounds like the classic 50hz-hum for me.

      Maybe it doesn't like line-signals, but I see nothing why not.

      Will first try it with a guitar tommorow, when this don't work as well, I'll open a thread and expect the forum-help! :-D

    3. Brathering


      It seems. that it just don't like the wally-PSU, will try a 9V-Bat tomorrow to confirm or not.

    4. Brathering


      Yep, is/was the wally, so mini-psu-build in the next days.

  14. As long as all work as it should and they're labled right I would not realy care about if they "remarked" or not! :-)
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