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  1. RC 898 2

    From the album Inside Tascam RC-898

  2. RC898

    From the album Inside Tascam RC-898

  3. 2013 06 14 23 35 20 HDR

    From the album Inside Tascam RC-898

  4. mainboard

    From the album Inside Tascam RC-898

  5. 2013 06 14 23 33 23 HDR

    From the album Inside Tascam RC-898

  6. 13 pin female to 2 female thru box

    Yeah, the Roland US-20 is an off the shelf solution.   You might find this article informative also -   BTW, The signal on the 13 pins is not yet MIDI... :-)
  7. Upcoming MBHP_MF_NG module

    Instead of emulating Mackie Control or Mackie HUI protocols, is it possibly to have external communication by OSC?  Just wondering...   Ardour can now controlled by Mackie but it can also be controlled by OSC.. So I was wondering about that.   Thanks.
  8. Control surface PCB for 16 encoders/LEDrings Bulk Order

    got mine, thanks!
  9. gm5x5x5 Bulk Order #4

    got mine. thanks.  now to find some GM5 ICs.  :)
  10. GK 13 pin

    Hi Can the signals from GK 13 pin on a guitar be used as input signals to a CV synth? here's a diagram of the cable I'm talking about - My link From what I understand, the cable connector is originally used to go from a guitar into a Roland guitar synth, which would create a MIDI signal, to become a controller, to drive a synth.. But this connector has six analog signals for each string.. and I'm wondering why use MIDI, when a CV synth would possible be interesting? just wondering. thanks.
  11. MIDIbox NG Concept

    How many encoders will this have? (Re: Control surface PCB for 16 encoders/LEDrings Bulk Order) Thanks.
  12. thanks for your help! I'm getting it now.
  13. Hello, I'm going through this wiki page on setting up an environment to build MIOS. It says to get a pre-built MIOS32 Toolchain from this ftp site - but that site seems to be password protected right now.. how does one get an account? or is it hosted someplace else? thanks
  14. TDA1543 DAC-based I2S board for LPC17?

    Hi, I see a similar notice on the TI website for the PCM1725 "Not Recommended for New Design (NRND) Replaced By PCM1754 – The device has the SAME FUNCTIONALITY as the compared device, but is not pin-for-pin equivalent and may not be parametrically equivalent." Anyways, thank you for this community. Still learning about all that is happening here.