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  1. @kristal=, ok thanks for the advice. I have only a few wheels left and I assumed the people ordering the case might be willing to get a compatible wheel as well so I didn't bother to post this to Fleamarket. I'm sorry if I seem to harass your bulk order ;) Anyway I have just a few wheels left and am happy to send them away so everybody please contact me now if you want one.
  2. I still have some spare data wheels left, the part I used myself. They're the original Wilba recommended and Albs manufacture, details No complaints so far so I guess everyone's happy :smile:
  3. Ok here's the pictures. It took a bit longer to make the case since there indeed was a minor problem. As you can see I used standoffs to level the panel pcb and the LCD's. Unfortunately the case rails are wide enough to get in the way. My solution was to use Dremel and cut small dents to the rails where the standoffs collides with the rails. Now the panel fits perfectly. Lol, of course. Thanks for the keywords. Sometimes I feel like an idiot :blush: :laugh:
  4. Many thanks to kristal, the case arrived here too. I really like the "modular" approach of this case so that you can swap front panel, back panel etc. separately. Now some questions. Although I have already built the Midibox Seq using LPC17 core, I might want to update to STM32F4 later on. Does the old LPC17 core (which I have) and the new STM32F4 core share any common screw holes? I mean if I use standoffs and WB Weld to place the core pcb and later want to get the new core, do I have to modify all the standoff positions then? I guess there will also be changes to the back panel. That's why I like Altitude's idea of fastening the pcb's to back panel instead of using standoffs. I was browsing orange_hand's build quide and he's using those L-shaped "things": Unfortunately I have no idea where to get these. Can someone help?
  5. Ok, received the panel set (the panel + back panel) from julianf today. I'm very happy with the quality: nice, flat, no blemishes, very professional looking. Happy customer here :yes: Btw. the panel is compatible with wheel :wink:
  6. Wow, those panels look wonderful! I'll get in touch with you later. In case anyone needs the original Albs DK38-144 wheel I have 15 of them "in stock". I think they are just the right size for the unit. Take a look at http://www.midibox.org/dokuwiki/lib/exe/fetch.php?media=wilba_mb_seq:prototype_0.jpg Link for the datasheet: http://www.albs.de/ecom/images/866003.pdf EDIT: All the wheels are now gone, sorry.
  7. Oh I see. I was kind of aware of the problem but thought I could sort it out myself by using a vero board or something. A breakout board would of course be a better option but might also cause a huge delay in finishing the unit. However the breakout board seems like a very good option indeed and I would be willing to buy one if realized.
  8. I hope Julianf can confirm this but I understand he can make a backpanel to your preferences? I have built my Midibox Seq like St. Isaac Cathedral and as so I would like to have the old design he made but with the new upcoming STM32F4 core I might want to upgrade later on. So is it possible to make the case compatible with all the upgrades? If the STM32F4 is too large to fit in Heidenreich case and you have to make a big breakout box that in my opinion is a huge drawback! Anyway if the Heidenreich order is already confirmed why not just go and think about possible STM32F4 changes later on?
  9. I'm interested in the Heidenreich case - 1 piece. Probably the front panel too, depending on what kind of price you can get from the supplier.
  10. Ouch! I would have taken part in this bulk order had I known someone is going to organize one. Instead I decided to make a minimum order for DK38-144 A.6/4,5 jog wheels. Anyway if anyone needs one I can deliver them soon (after I receive them myself).
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