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  1. Upcoming MBHP_MF_NG module

    mmm... double post :rofl:
  2. Upcoming MBHP_MF_NG module

    hello   Here is a preview of my "moving fader ! Anyway 3D rendering is just for fun, it's more to see how to put all i want in my existing frame modules I'm already waiting for my MF board to perform the first test   I'm little disappointed about switches i find, there is so nice illuminated NKK or Omron, but none of them have pinout compatible with 2.5 or 2.54 pitch For the moment the candidate are round ITT schadow with separated LED, and i keep the original illuminated EAO for the PFL   I have question regarding HUI or MCU mode with the MF_NG, is it possible to "flip" the destination (aux send for example) form MIOS?   Zam      
  3. SmashTV - ordering question

    Hoooooo !!!!   Tks Peter! didn't  see this, my order is in process :happy:   Zam
  4. Buttonboard with LEDs

    you want to light both LED at same time with fast pulse ? I just ask because you will have yellow colour :rolleyes:
  5. Upcoming MBHP_MF_NG module

    hey Novsky   actually my VCA (studer modular card around DBX/THAT) are set to 1V/40dB and are drived by a DC coupled soundcard in the +1/-2,5V range to achieve +40/-100 dB of gain. If I want a moving fader (automated by DAW with HUI) I need one servo track, the other track will be the one driving the CV input of the VCA. I not sure using the same DC signal for both function will be a good thing ? even if I do a converter/offset circuit from 0/-5 to +1/-2,5V (or +4/-10v, i have different CV sensitivities jumper) But maybe it's something to try :)   Anyway the main goal is to keep the signal passive, that's the first thing I want to test. VCA stay in my mind just because of my stereo channel, and accuracy i will find (or not) by using two audio fader. TKD offer me stereo audio track + servo and touch, but I'm not sure it is in stock now.   Zam
  6. Upcoming MBHP_MF_NG module

    Tks ilmenator, I already read this, but need a confirmation. ALPS dual track (lin+log) are on the way. If some one have an idea where to find dual linear track (servo+VCA) ? i don't find yet...   Zam
  7. Upcoming MBHP_MF_NG module

    Hello   I have a dumb question... Are the MF_NG modules able to work "stand-alone" or do I need a core system in any case? Zam
  8. Upcoming MBHP_MF_NG module

      yes...have to test, not an easy mechanical integration, I have room in the fader modules to put new fader and led/button, but not easy to leave pcb close to the front (fader) of the 8 unit subframe (5 in total), at best i can dispatch on the back of the console.   Zam
  9. Upcoming MBHP_MF_NG module

    Hey Novski Tks for reply When you say pre built you mean already soldered? I may be interested, depending of your price. Let me know :) Are the firmware already printed? I just have to install the OS? The advantage of the kit is that i don't have to pay soldering job, and I also have just component I need and extra connector and ribbon in low quantities, Otherwise I have to order component in larger quantities (mostly on RS for me), for the prototype i don't need to many. Your version is the pictures above on this page? You change the connector layout to have single ribbon with servo and touch for each fader? I soon made a list of what I have to test. for example what is the max length of ribbon between PCB and fader without losing data, my console frame is "large" and final project (if possible) will have all card in a 19" rack. Zam
  10. Upcoming MBHP_MF_NG module

    Hello   I'm new here, some pple on groupdiy point me on this forum regarding automated fader I have a look at the main website, also here in the forum. I think i find the correct place :happy:   My "project" is basically to replace my diy patchable VCA automation on my hold discrete mixing desk. I have a long read and I understand that all the ppl prototyping/building controller around the MF board set it up with servo track fader only (for DAW control) My goal is tu use dual track (log audio+lin servo) to perform a passive audio automated fader, like "flying fader", "moving fader system" or more recent API 1608 and neve "swift mix" in the 5088.   I find ALPS RSA0 series with servo and audio track that will be good for prototype as your guys already use this series with success right? I don't find K series yet or P&G8000 with dual track, but if someone have input? i want to test different hi qualities fader. RSA0 are "low cost" and audio spec are not optimal for my use especially the audio taper tolerance. I want to buy a MF_NG kit, i saw them in America trough midibox-shop, nothing in EU for this?   For what I understand i need to print firmware to the PIC, i'm not able to do it, so I have to ask when I buy it, I just have no idea about "PIC ID header" I need. After that I can access all other setup/calibration via MIDI with MIOS right? I don't understand everything about software right now but will learn.   MF_NG work in stand alone right? in need nothing more for prototype (except PSU)   Enough question for the moment, i just let you know my final goal   32 motor fader controlled by DAW fader 32 rec automation push button + 32 led status 32 play automation push button + 32 led status 32 automation mode select push button with led status (have to define how many mode i need...) 32 relay paralleling my mute switch (actually driving a FET post fader) If possible with more core system there will be 12 more fader pack (44 total) for master and aux return   I'm not talking about mechanical integration but I want to keep it modular, as the console is. By the way it's a 70' Studer 289   Tks in advance. The system your developing is so exciting :hyper:   Zam