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  1. My pcbs just arrived, still waiting for any updates ! Cheers FranK
  2. Hi Julian , any news on this beautiful case ? Cheers Frank
  3. Hi, I was thinking exacting the same... I don't know what cowboy is going to do, but I was one of the beta testers of the mb909 (a sequencer for the tr9090) and I'm pretty disappointed that the project is gone... I've lost hours in finding bugs on an incomplete software and now that everything seems to be over I can't still access the src code. Why I'm telling this here ? It was a branch of the seqv4 but the hardware was build with dogm 240x128 display and the usability was a total nightmare, not all menus were backported. The main problem is that I intended the mb909 like a master se
  4. U1 on the STM32F4 it's cold... I think it's the 3V regulator. The LCD + backlight should be less than 40mA. Any hints on the ugly SPI signals ?
  5. Hi, I just finished building a CORE_STM32F4 with a MIDI_IO Module. It's connected with a MB909 MK-IV board but this is another story. I've noticed that 3V output, VDD output are @ 3V... I'd expect 3.3V ... By the way I'm looking into this because I've having trouble with the LCD: it's unstable. The best way to replicate: hold EDIT button, it makes at lot of message on the SPI, after few seconds the DOGM display becomes full white. The core is supplied with a 2A PSU. The sofwatre doesn't crash, can see SPI messages after LCD "crash". Anyway, the quest
  6. Hi guys, I've got the same problem. I'm in Italy and I'd rather avoid 20E from mouser. I see that alternatives could be 693063010911 Wurth Elektronik , so this one could be Ok ? http://it.rs-online.com/web/p/accessori-per-connettori-per-memorie-e-sim/7636794/ sorry to bother but I'd like to double check. I see it only has 9 pin, the 3M one wasn't 11 pins ? Thanks in advance Francesco
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