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  1. Looking for 4x PIC18F452 pre-programmed

    hey really sorry its been a few days getting back, had a bunch of stuff at work goin on. Actually might be better if you could send them to my parents uk address, how do I pay u? via pay pall money transfer? this my email address send me your details.    
  2. Looking for 4x PIC18F452 pre-programmed

    I live in qatar but have arremex mail box facility to Germany , how much ?
  3. Looking for 4x PIC18F452 pre-programmed

    I was wandering if any one knows where i can purchase 4x PIC18F452 with bootloader v1.2 and MIOS , preferably preprogrammed. I understand that i can buy these and program myself but would rather avoid this if possible.
  4. Hey altitude how did you make you connector for your oled display in in your mb6582? 

  5. interested in panels+enclousure and Kit.