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  1. @latigid on Thanks, Andy... belatedly, here it is, the centre-piece of the studio! It may be a record in terms of slowness to post... :) @HawkeyeThanks, Peter - same to you!
  2. Happy New Year to you all... I see you are now confirming build numbers to finishers - out of curiosity, do you know what mine was (completed beginning May 2019)? I was also just doing a new year firmware update on all my hardware - I'm running 097 on the V4+, but the download page stops at 096 (for STM32F4). Am I up-to-date? Cheers, Simon
  3. Oh - for the love of god... the board is labelled. My embarrassment is complete and I am going to go and sit facing the wall and think about what i have done. Thanks for being kind, @latigid on :)
  4. I’m slightly embarrassed to admit that I’m only just getting round to fixing the missing OTG jumper from my build :/ But not as embarrassed as I am to admit that I can’t find the correct location and/or position for the jumper! I went back through all the info I could find on it, but it’s obviously so simple that nobody has described where and how to position the jumper. When i` removed the side panel to access the board and jumpered the visible headers (thanks for the tip @Adam Schabtach), I just got unit resets. Possibly, I have another problem, but can someone post a quick pic of
  5. Is there any way of addressing this in the firmware, or hardware setup file? I use both a Digitakt and Rytm and I can’t control the Bass Drum on the DT (maybe the Rytm as well... i don’t recall and it’s put away right now) as it’s on Midi note 0 (C-2). Annoying of Elektron to configure it that way but i’ve got no hope of changing the firmware on that so easier to ask here! Or, has anyone else found a better workaround than substituting another sound (say, Cymbal) for the BD and accepting that the sample on key 1 can’t be triggered?
  6. Thanks, Andy! Right... so, 5s into 8, 16... 32... :) What are fellow seq-tarians doing with the spare 4s or 3s? Pictures, please...
  7. They look great... can existing owners buy a set to retro fit?
  8. This is really helpful - thanks for creating it!
  9. It turned out to be a button/case issue... As soon as I got the top off, the button LEDs returned to proper service. The top was a very tight fit to all the buttons, switches and dials when i first fitted it. Although all the transport buttons were free to move, something must have been trapped underneath... perhaps one button not quite fully lifting back up? I couldn't repeat the issue with the top off so can’t be certain. I spent 20 mins with a fine file and gave some up/down movement potential to the jog dial board and moved it less than 0.5mm upwards. That has also allowed my af
  10. Thanks - I discovered last night that it’s probably a bad joint: plugged SEQ in and only stop button light lit (normal state). Pressed play and play LED lit green for a second and then all transport LEDs lit white again with play unlit completely, as per ‘bad’ state. it was always going to be my soldering :( I’ll look where you suggest!
  11. Hey all - i’ve just had an issue come up... at some point today, the switch LEDS on the transport row have lit incorrectly. I’ve niw got all lit aside from play and play doesn’t light green whether playing or stopped. All functionality is correct (play, pause, stop, etc) but the LEDs aren’t lit correctly. I’ve got to disassemble to bridge the OTG switch so i’ll fix at same time - any idea what the culprit might be before I dive in? Thanks
  12. Hey Peter - thanks for the response... Glad you like my “top hat” :) It’s not a perfect fit but i like it... look here: Sourcingmap 30mm CNC Machined Aluminium Alloy Potentiometer Knob Cao 6mm Dia Hole https://www.amazon.co.uk/dp/B00X77OLB2/ref=cm_sw_r_cp_tai_lO75DbN2DGBET. The grey knobs on the step columns are from Thonk.co.uk. I have a very solid power bank - i’ll try that and use the shortest cable I can find as well. I’ll report back (although I’ve not read of same problem elsewhere, so I may be solving a unique issue). Cheers
  13. Hey all I had a big work change soon after I finished building my V4+ so I disappeared for a while... I plugged it all back in last night and immediately started enjoying myself again :) But.. I noticed some behaviour I hadn’t seen before: 1. I accidentally started the V4+ with the SD card out. After getting the ‘searching for SD card’ and then ‘No SD card’ messages, I pressed a button as I picked the unit up and got a strange light animation (vid below). Is this “expected”or is a symptom of something else? V4+ Strange Behaviour Video 2. The reason I ask if the above i
  14. Super-cool - thanks, @jaytee. Option e PSU it is for me! I think I've got the knowledge I need to order the BOM now... the PCBs arrived super-quick (and with no VAT/handling charges) from Modular Addict. I haven't had the panel yet and the swinSIDs are still on back-order. I'll probably get a 8580 or two from flea-bay in time for the main build completion. I can supply whatever power is needed during build and testing with a bench supply so that won't be a problem. It looks like the build is secured between the PCBs and the panel, so I'm hoping to live with that (and standoffs)
  15. As you should. It's luvverly... a lot to learn for a dimwit like me, but it's fun to keep uncovering "oh - I can do that?!" functions. It's a fun build, too. Good mix of great design, challenging and satisfying.
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