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  1. New entrant to the SID game

    Super-cool - thanks, @jaytee.  Option e PSU it is for me! I think I've got the knowledge I need to order the BOM now... the PCBs arrived super-quick (and with no VAT/handling charges) from Modular Addict. I haven't had the panel yet and the swinSIDs are still on back-order. I'll probably get a 8580 or two from flea-bay in time for the main build completion. I can supply whatever power is needed during build and testing with a bench supply so that won't be a problem. It looks like the build is secured between the PCBs and the panel, so I'm hoping to live with that (and standoffs) until I can figure a case out - I don't particularly like that PT-10 box (although it's obviously good from a convenience POV). I'm just looking at my Mackie 1202 mixer thinking that (or a similarly sized unit) might be version-able... or a transparent acrylic number...
  2. New entrant to the SID game

    As you should. It's luvverly... a lot to learn for a dimwit like me, but it's fun to keep uncovering "oh - I can do that?!" functions. It's a fun build, too. Good mix of great design, challenging and satisfying.
  3. New entrant to the SID game

    What's your preferred option @jaytee? Two PSUs, accepting the 7805 getting hot and/or avoid backlit display? Or "the other way"? I'm not fussed about two PSUs to be honest - I've got about 20,000 of them stored or in use at any given time, so one more won't break the model!
  4. New entrant to the SID game

    To maintain the commentary... I've just ordered 8x swinSID ultimates from PolyPlay. I think technically and practically this is the best answer, but part of me feels like I'm cheating! The supply of swinSIDs is pretty limited (AFAIK they are individually hand-built and it's not entirely clear that I will get any at all) - but, hopefully, more reliable than buying suspect chips - or C64s that are suspiciously described as 'untested, strictly bought as seen' - ie. 'I've had the SID and the PSU, you can have the rest'! Over time, I'll keep an eye for 8580s, and a couple of 6581s but build with the swinSIDs. I'll certainly pick up a reliable looking grey C64 for the PSU and the 8580 with it to start my collection :)
  5. New entrant to the SID game

    I've ordered The Beast's last panel in stock and the 6582 main + control boards from Modular Addict... and so it begins.
  6. New entrant to the SID game

    Thanks! Really helpful.... Actually, the idea of making a panel - or whole case - out of PCBs is pretty cool. I don't think I've seen that before. Could be nice for something like a Shruthi... I've got half a dozen different filter boards and three Shruthis (none of which are quick to open and change boards in) so that could solve a problem. Bit different to laser-cut acrylic!
  7. USB keyboard issue

    It's set to slave/receive clock... I'll try it on USB sync to see if there's some oddity in the matrix but it's no biggie if it's a glitch. I've just noticed on the 3rd (or 4th - it's a steep curve!) pass of the documentation that I can route the midi keyboard to active track as an option... nice! I know the Cirklon has built its own mythical status partly through long waiting lists and £3000 resale values on eBay - as well as it being great hardware, no doubt - but I find it hard to believe it can offer more than this beaut :)
  8. USB keyboard issue

    Right - that probably explains the power issue, but I'm powering the Keystep via external supply anyway - so that's not my connectivity issue... it works fine under the 5 pin Midi IN 1 scenario (with external power).
  9. USB keyboard issue

    I think the political response would be: "I have no recollection of doing so..." I that just stopping me from getting +5v through to OTG, or breaking the USB chain entirely?
  10. New entrant to the SID game

    Thanks @jaytee... I'll either wait until I'm over there or wear the damned charges for import :) I hadn't realised the case was generic - explains why all the references are to the "Wilba panel" rather than the "Wilba case". At the risk of asking an obvious follow up: Do you know if the Wilba panels can still be had?!
  11. USB keyboard issue

    I'm trying to use my Arturia Keystep with the Seq, but I'm having trouble linking it over USB. My setup looks like: Seq - master clock, 3 outputs, Keystep plugged into USB A port, switched to USB (I've tried both USB and OTG and neither wants to power the Keystep... I'm assuming it needs more juice), powered by 5v into USB port via charger (no Mac/PC) Output #1 - Shruthi on Out 1; Output #2 - Analog Rytm on Out 2; Output #3 - Ambika on Out 3; Keystep - 9v in, USB micro to A port on Seq, channel #10 I'm on the learning curve with the Seq, so I may have this wrong, but I'm using the Midi Router to allocate the Keystep to Out 3 (Ambika), where I'm trying out the Transpose and step recording. When trying this over USB, I've tried Routing USB1 (and 2, 3, and 4... not sure how these ports are allocated?) adn I don't get anything from the keyboard at all. I once got some reaction (ie. notes playing on Ambika, but only until I switched from USB to OTG and it went off again and I couldn't replicate). A couple of times, when messing with the USB connection, the Seq has frozen (no controls) and has continued playback on external synths but at what sounds like 1/4 speed. If I plug the Keystep into In 1 on 5 pin Midi, I can change Midi Router to In 1 > Out 3 and it works as expected. Sync conflict? Something shorted in the USB build? The Keystep does use timebase for Arp/internal sequencer, but that is set to slave and it made no odds if it was set to Arp or (unused) Seq mode, in any case.
  12. Troubleshooting midiphy SEQ v4+

    I'm just troubleshooting a midi keyboard connectivity issue... I'm not sure if it's me getting it wrong, or a USB issue, but I can't get my Arturia Keystep to play over the USB connection. I can easily route the 5 pin Midi into In1 to whatever I want... when using the USB port, I can't get anything working. Also, a couple of times I've plugged into the USB port and the Seq has locked and everything has been playing at about 1/4 speed. I'm guessing I've shorted something in the USB path but thought I'd see if this sounded familiar? @niles - it might be the light, or flux, but some of the ICs on Le Mec R look a little splashy. Worth reflowing those, perhaps? Keep at it - this thing is brilliant when you get it hooked up!
  13. New entrant to the SID game

    Hey all I've just completed my Seq V4+ (what a beast!) and enjoyed the quality of the code, platform, hardware, community AND this video that I really want a SID V2 now. I'd like to jump straight into the 6582, but happy to be persuaded/dissuaded. TK's guide is detailed and helpful, but I've got a couple more questions: * I can see that the boards can be purchased at Modular Addict - this is workable, but does anyone know of any EU suppliers?; * SID chips - aside from wishing I hadn't given my C64 and Vic20 (!) away years ago, getting hold of chips seems very hit and miss on eBay. Any advice on where to/not to go which variants (6581, 8580, SwinSID Ultimate, are revisions important, etc. - I think I understand they can be mixed as long as stereo pairs are matched?) - or if anyone here is looking to sell any! - gratefully received; * Further to above - can SID chips be tested, in the circumstance where I start buying them on eBay and don't have a C64 or SID synth to test them in? * Case: can the Wilba cases still be had? I'm pretty happy with acrylic cases, so if there is a set of CAD files I can have one made... Many thanks, Simon
  14. MIDIbox SID Walkthrough

    Sorry - I was trying to be efficient, but I hijacked the thread... I'll create a new one and repeat the Q. Thanks (and the answer - that is what I was asking!)
  15. MIDIbox SID Walkthrough

    Oh - and scrub the question about design files for case... I found them on the site! :)