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  1. hey guys i think i replied to all open DMs and emails, anybody still waiting for an answer please write to rgbledring located at g mail dot com i still have a few left sorry for being worthless at communication..
  2. @FantomXR you're my daddy. everything i wanna search on the forum i always find a thread where you found the answer 5 years ago.
  3. hey @sunnygobo yeah i have some left you can send me a message! sorry for the absence guys, real life took control for a second. i'll try edit this post with some updates tonight or tomorrow. and thanks again thorsten, looking forward to trying the fixed driver - not that i noticed anything wrong haha..
  4. yeah thanks this seems to make a lot of sense, will try first thing tomorrow. i also should have tried to go to nrpn values that would have used the next bit.
  5. weasel


    yeah picture is too small i want some details of this beauty! great job! building a hardware controller for one specific plugin is very intriguing and reminds me of this guy, great projects: http://www.synth-project.de/diva.html
  6. oh you mean in the NGC config? i will try that as soon as i am with the hardware again, thanks.
  7. on the receiver side i am monitoring the midi incoming from the midibox with the axoxloti serial monitor, which shows the same value that mios studio shows sending. so, mios studio seems to display the "correct" values that are actually being sent. just CC99 only ranges from 0-1 instead 0-127.
  8. i gguess worst case i can work around by sendin gthe first 256 on channel 1 and then a second set of 256 NRPNs on channel 2 would be enough for me. just have to decode back to the original numbering on the receiver side.
  9. hello friends, i have a problem with my rotary encoders sending several banks of midi NRPN data - i can't go past NRPN number 256! the second byte of the midi nrpn number message (ie. midi CC 99) midibox sends only goes from 0 to 1, as shown on the mios studio output monitor. it says in the manual that the nrpn number is also 14bit range as per the midi standard nrpn=<0..16383> Specifies the NRPN number (0..16383) for type=NRPN events is this a known issue? am i doing something wrong (presumably...) this is an EVENT ENC definition that shows: EVENT_ENC id=
  10. edit sorry for double post please delete
  11. Ok so here’s a summary: Production run arrived and is working perfectly fine. Looks amazing too. Breakable LED PCB with 4x32 ws2812 2020 LEDs, 3 pin connectors Encoder PCBs with 2x 74HC595 and 4 encoder slots Additional test points on the encoder board for 4-8 remaining 74HC595 channels, for use with additional buttons etc. 4 or 8 depends on whether you use encoder with ir without switches. Net price per set (1 LED PCB, one ENC PCB, you need to buy & solder encoders and connectors everything else is assembled) 22 EUR Add shipping cost t
  12. The updated boards finally arrived! will do some tests over the weekend and report back next week!
  13. Couple thoughts: great idea, i think it's quite feasible and will be worth the effort. will take longer and depending on your needs also not be cheaper than a commercial solution. all the buttons/pots/encoders in the world are no issue to connect obviously. i have some nice rotary encoders with fancy LED ringgs around them available if you want haha. one of the biggest issue i see with my limited knowledge is the DAW implementation. Does Nuendo allow to control the CURRENTLY SELECTED eq/dyn with a fixed CC or NRPN adress? or how are you thinking to realize the dynamic mapping? a
  14. Hey everybody, i was wondering how to split polyphonic keyboard input on several midi channels, depending on the voice number? I read through some of the notestack source code but i can't see any implementation in NG via the scripts, right? I would have to write my own routines and recompile? Does midibox KB support this out of the box? Thinking of splitting my setup over two midiboxes anyways because together with a quite big amount of encoders my keyboard DIO matrix kinda overloads the SPI latency... so what i am trying to achieve is 6 voice polyphony to be spread over 2-3 midi ch
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