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  1. I definitively want 2 of them.

    i live in Germany let me  know how much you want i would go for 1 soldered and 1 that i have to solder.

  2. Great i am in for it. I love those Keybeds. I can solder too but you seem to be the more experienced guy. i need at least 2. both Motherboard died recently i have one working as lower manual to a Hammond xk3 organ. Lets do it like this. solder one for me the other one i solder myself i like to learn something. maybe i am going to build a pedalboard for my organ. do i have to change something on the ribbon cables to be able to attach the keybed? and what is the price you are asking?
  3. if you still have 2 of these i am in for it. have 2 sl880 converted with wood casing and now the motherboards act very strange
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