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  1. Describe the MIDI Router of your dream?!

    Re-channelization Various types of message processing, (precedents include JL Cooper MSB's, (which do basic note and octave transposition etc.) - of course the SeqV4 is a shining example of some extensive data processing possibilities) For full Swiss Army knife utility - a further sophistication could be message-type conversion - i.e. note-to-CC, velocity-to-value etc. (might be a bit on the overboard side, but I've run into some situations - (esp. with gears that limit how and which messages can be interpreted), where it would be useful). MIDI activity indication - could be just blinkenlights or ideally some sort of real-time message display as mentioned up-thread, for debugging and sanity checking RTP MDI - (am not using this feature yet on SeqV4, but looking forward to having the ability to interface via wifi devices - could see it being very powerful for bringing in ctrlr editors for various synths etc).
  2. BLM 16x16+X PCB and case order [CLOSED/waitlist]

    I'm in for the waitlist - interested in this build to pair with my MB6582 and in progress SEQ V4
  3. ALBS Waldorf Knobs Bulk Order #1 2011

    In for 50 black/transparent thanks for undertaking this effort!
  4. ALBS Waldorf Knobs Bulk Order #1 2011

    got mine today. they're awesome, thank you Phunk!
  5. VFD in MB6582?

    this topic also brings up the interesting question, Are the worst case scenarios for power consumption on the various supply rails using all 6581's, 8580's etc. known? All the references i've seen in the docs simply refer to using the C64 PS or building an externally regulated unit, if one were building one, what should the carrying capacity be on the various rails to account for all possible conditions?
  6. VFD in MB6582?

    second the notion Re. interest in participating in a bulk order for the noritake alleged drop in. I picked up an IEE VFD that showed up cheap on Ebay, but found that it's mechanical dimensions were slightly too large for the spacing in the control surface PCB. Haven't yet gotten to the point in assembly where I could test compatibility, but had pretty much written it off because of the size issue.
  7. [S] PICs, LCDs

    Hi there, I'm interested in the SSM2044 PCB's and am also getting the error message when trying to PM. I'd really like to buy them from you, let me know, thanks. Brian