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  1. Does anyone here have a C64c keyboard with front-printed keys? The mechanism isn't that important. I'm looking for a full set of keycaps that aren't damaged or discolored. I'm sure there's at least one lying around after you extracted the SID. I have all the SIDs I need now and won't be buying any more donor C64s.
  2. Davo


    I bought eight 6582 chips when someone ran a group buy and maybe ten more assorted types I pulled out of various C64s. I still need to find the time to sit down and finish the MB6582s. I need encoders and maybe new panels (because the very first run of those kinda sucked).
  3. Davo


    Oh, I have two MB6582s already. Look at the first group buy list.
  4. I don't know how many of you are into classic computers as well as DIY synths. This is the OT forum, so I guess I'll give this a shot. Sometime in the 1990s someone came up with a nifty single-board computer kit called the P112 that uses a Zilog Z180 to run CP/M and related classic operating systems. Fast forward to 2005. People still wanted P112 kits, so I took preorders and did a run of a little more than a hundred. Fast forward to today and there are still some people who want kits. So I'm taking preorders again, this time with the help of Kickstarter. See http://661.org/p112/ for
  5. Davo


    So, I decided to drop in after being away for a long while and I discovered a new thing called the TwinSID. It looks like it addresses my main problem with the sammichSID: lack of knobs. Is / was there a group buy for boards and cases?
  6. I checked with him and he does make 240VAC-input ones.
  7. I don't think anyone has mentioned this yet, but there's someone on Ebay selling replacement switching power supplies for the C64, C128, and assorted drives. See http://myworld.ebay.com/basicwayne/. If you like to play with the SID when it's still in the C64, he has triple-output power supplies: one for the C64 and two for floppy drives. This should do the trick for you MB6582 owners who are edgy about using an old power supply.
  8. I just noticed that I have lucky number thirteen.
  9. Why doesn't Java doesn't work on MacOS anymore?
  10. Davo

    JSynthLib update

    Exactly what is the problem with Java under MacOS 10.7? As far as I can tell, Java is simply not included in the default install, that is, you have to download and install it yourself. See http://helpx.adobe.com/x-productkb/global/install-java-jre-mac-os.html
  11. Well, I guess another run can be warranted given that the miniaturized SwinSID is available now.
  12. It looks like something you'd find holding a bag of bread closed.
  13. The faceplate now belongs to Timmy. Thanks!
  14. If there's someone out there who wants a blank faceplate for a PT-10 case, I'll send it anywhere in the US for free. I don't need this one.
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