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  1. I made noise with my MB-6582

    ahem, how are we gonna establish a pecking order if you guys stray from the topic at hand! hehe anyways, all 8 SIDs rocking away now. holy crap how fat this is.  as ferris beuller says, "if you have the means, i highly recommend it" can barely keep from soldering up the cp. hold firm, wait for the front panel, almost there.... stay on target... i'm like a kid waiting for christmas...
  2. I made noise with my MB-6582

    hehe, i got CRAZY and matched resisters and (gasp) transistors as well... and now i got stereo patches rockin. man is this thing fat in stereo. and that's just with two sid chips... 6 more comin up... wheeee!
  3. Negative STN displays for $4

    i wonder if we need a usa order and a eu order?
  4. Guitar-like midi synth controller

    you could probably use regular piezos, which are much cheaper. a bit more work, though...
  5. if anybody else had trouble finding R80, it's just left of the core1 pic while i'm tipstering: be aware that pads connected to the ground plane require a good amount of heat before they will melt solder...
  6. Negative STN displays for $4

    i'd be in for 6
  7. Simple DSP inside core module?

    i think transient frequency domain information is irrelevant in this case. however, this does suggest a problem with midi rates. if you are interested in the transient info of a guitar pick attack, i think probably midi is not sufficient to transmit this, no matter how the data is collected. on the other hand, if you want to follow average power levels to control say filter cutoff, you should be alright...
  8. Simple DSP inside core module?

    given that you aren't interested in returning to frequency domain, 10k sample rate should be enough.  envelope followers roughly follow the the power level of the input, and the energy level of audio signals above 5k is usually not very high.  you would only really lose energy information at or near harmonics of 1/2 sample rate: 5k, 10k, 15k, 20k... so give it a shot. (unless you are wanting to track glockenspiel or something, hehe)
  9. MB-6582 Base PCB Errors

    hehe, sarcasm is the tongue of the devil... seriously wilba, don't be down about any of this. it ain't no thing. regardless of these few little errors, i'm very grateful for you hooking me (and everybody) up like you have.
  10. AOUT v1 pcbs fs

    I ordered some AOUT v1 pcbs from gold eagle pcb.  These are double sided, solder masked, silk screened and otherwise identical to the original published (TK) version. Yield was more than I expected, leaving me with extras which I will offer to anyone for same price as mike in eu so as not to undercut him.  People from eu should thus order from him... 5,50 Euros = 7,47505 U.S. dollars so $7.50 shipped to U.S. Not sure what to do about the rest of the world.  Suggestions? NOTE: these are the v1 boards which require the MAX525 chip.  If you are not controlling oscillators, (or maybe even if you are) you may want to wait for the aout_ng which is just about to be released.  If you are in a hurry, or want the higher linearity (I know, I know stryd - slightly higher, ok-ok...) of the MAX525, these might be for you.  I am still interested in setting up a group buy for the MAX525 chips.  Maybe could combine with pcbs to save shipping. so... anyone interested? *edit* all spares are now sold.
  11. AOUT v1 pcbs fs

    i want to make sure everyboday has seen this thread re. aout_ng http://www.midibox.org/forum/index.php?topic=7830.0 regarding the max525, according to this : https://shop.maxim-ic.com/storefront/priceavailable.do?Partnumber=MAX525ACPP%2B&event=PartSearch&menuitem=PriceAndAvailability if we can get to over 25 chips (i want 4 for myself) the price drops quite a bit @ $ 35.98 for 1-24 and $ 28.58 for 25-99 (as of today anyway) note that the mb-cv with these is far more accurate than any commercial midi->cv i've seen (this is also true of the aout_ng, btw)
  12. Wiki "home" page changes

    follow stryd's link and you find the "ugly" workaround: alphaimageloader... (ugly code, not display)
  13. Wiki "home" page changes

    there is another workaround for transparency in ie6, but it's too painful to suggest...
  14. Wiki "home" page changes

    transparent png is a known bug i ie6 try ie7...
  15. Wiki "home" page changes

    new wiki ++good. so much easier to nav already. thanks guys!
  16. MIDIbox SID-NUXX-based synth on eBay?!?

    wilba is dead right here. c0nsumer, you said you would take care of it. then wanted tk or smash to do it for you, like they haven't spent enough of their time and effort. it's time to man up and do what you said you would.
  17. MB-6582 PCB Order ***IMPORTANT UPDATE***

    got mine. the red boards do indeed look stunning. and now the solder-fest-orama begins... thanks much wilba!
  18. Low cost PCB fabrication

    this is indeed a good price. a few questions: anybody used this company already? wilba? smash? this is the company sparkfun uses... what is "maximum 15% fail rate"? 1 in 6 boards will have a bad trace?
  19. Chat room

    when i was a kid, i really, really wanted to go to a pirate movie. but i couldn't. cause it was rated "arrrrr"....
  20. 4x20 Lcds for Wilbas Kit : CLOSED

    got mine this weekend. forgot to say thanks. so.... thanks! also, you was right: this looks way better than the blue one.
  21. that's V3 of the sid pcb, not the MB_SID software version. maybe R3 would be a better choice for pcb revisions. this might get confusing, though, since smashtv labels his pcbs this way...
  22. Group buy for Aout components

    saw this thread and this one for the aout pcb http://www.midibox.org/forum/index.php?topic=4884.0 I understand these are old threads, but I would be very interested in bringing them back to life if others will join in... I realize the aout_ng is out soon, but I still want to build the hi res aout for controlling osc freq, etc.
  23. 4x20 Lcds for Wilbas Kit : CLOSED

  24. MB-6582 Panels Order

    Cool, that's my next project as well.  Already started gathering components. Any way I can help?