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  1. This is great !!! i want it do you plan on selling your boards ? if so how much do you want for one ? cheers
  2. Hello Midi Bro's, this thread is getting dusty, what a pity ! In the mbsidv2_sysex_implementation.txt - Rev 1190 i read : 02/a) F0 00 00 7E 4B <device-number> 02 00 <bank> <patch> <1024 bytes of dump data> <checksum> F7 Write a dump to <patch> in <bank> Checksum is 2s complement over the 1024 bytes dump Please can someone help me with the Checksum calculation ? (I understand what is the two's complement, but i'm unsure about how to apply it over the 1024 byte dump. And before anyone complain : this is definitely sid-v2
  3. Great news ! I'm glad to see that the good old MIOS8 is not completely forgotten, i still love it quite much :)
  4. Btw, you could be interested in this : http://www.dx.com/p/8-x8-dot-matrix-driver-module-red-black-196521
  5. Super nice switches ! Where did you get them ?
  6. 8 years later... I found that this thing save money and soldering time : http://www.dx.com/p/diy8-x-seven-segment-displays-module-for-arduino-595-driver-250813
  7. I'm still struggling to setup my dev env. under Unbuntu 14 (lts) and, i'm facing this problem : when i $ svn checkout svn://svnmios.midibox.org/mios i have no message at all, its just stuck forever, and there's no error, no timeout, nothing. I assumed that the problem was temporary, so i tried everyday since a few days, but no change ... Any idea ? Is there another way to retrieve the svn data ? Also, it would be great to update the wiki application development page, because "Installing GPUTILS and SDCC on Ubuntu 8.04" is a bit obsolete by now :) (but i have no idea about how to
  8. Thanks sneakthief ! You were right, and i must confess that i did not search very hard... In common.mk i found this comment/solution : # if MIOS_SHELL environment variable hasn't been set by the user, set it here # Ubuntu users should set it to /bin/bash from external (-> "export MIOS_SHELL /bin/bash") I also found many answer to my problems here : :)
  9. Hello all, I'm trying to 'make' my 8bit app hex (skeleton), on a fresh ubuntu 14.04 installation, but i have some newbie troubles. Here's my console output e6440@e6440-Latitude-E6440:~/MIOS/sdcc_skeleton_v1_1$ make rm -rf _output/* rm -rf _output rm -rf *.cod *.map *.lst rm -rf *.hex mkdir -p _output sh ./bin/mios-gpasm -c -p p18f452 -I./src -I ./include/asm -I ./include/share -I ./modules/debug_msg -I ./modules/app_lcd/dummy -DDEBUG_MODE=0 -DSTACK_HEAD=0x37f -DSTACK_IRQ_HEAD=0x33f -I ./modules/mios_wrapper modules/mios_wrapper/mios_wrapper.asm -o _output/mios_wrapper.o ./bin/m
  10. Nice ! I'm also very interested in creating a LED matrix with a PIC18F in C ! I'll try to digest the code, and propose a stripped down version when i find some time. Also i'm curious to know if a 16x16 leds is doable, and what would be the best hardware approach to do so ? Any ideas are very welcome :)
  11. Bonne idee ! Je vais faire ca :)
  12. Bonjour a tous, Je suis a la recherche d'un programmeur, ou plutot d'un service : J'ai quelques (3) chip ATMega48 a programmer, et pas de programmeur sous la main. Est ce que quelqu'un de sympa pourrait me depanner ? J'ai quelques bricoles midibox a troquer contre le service, eventuellement :) Merci !!
  13. bill

    Stereo SID

    Perfect case ! Where does it come from ?
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