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  1. CEM3379 Stereo VCF assembled board

    Hi, Peter! Saw your 2 hour MIDIbox SEQ building tutorial at Youtube, great work!!
  2. CEM3379 Stereo VCF assembled board

    @Antichambre This an old project, but I'm still not finished the control surface. Enclosure has taken from old soviet "MICRO" calculator Elektronika MK-44 but it has no main PCB, so I'm still searching for another one to take keyboard from it for more authentic look  Rio asked me for the project files, so I've uploaded everything to public.  Yes, design is based on Olivier's original Shruthi-1 CEM filter board, other parts is quite standard except OLED - CORE8 PCB with MidiboxSID v2.042, Stereo SID6581 PCB and AOUT_NG. PSU is taken from old DVD player - +5/+12/-12 volts, CEM VCF powered with +12/-12V. The only one noisy part is OLED's boost converter, I was thinking of powering it directly from +12V rail, should fix the problem.
  3. CEM3379 Stereo VCF assembled board

    From the album CEM3379 Stereo VCF

  4. CEM3379 Stereo VCF schematic v0.3

    From the album CEM3379 Stereo VCF

  5. CEM3379 Stereo VCF PCB v0.3

    From the album CEM3379 Stereo VCF

  6. STM32F429I-DISCO <--> PIC18F4685

    PM send!
  7. MIDIbox SEQ V4 Release + Feedback

    TK, Thanks a lot for Step Rec! It's really a great feature! 
  8. AOUT_NG + SEQV4

    How did you connect it? 1:1 or  CORE SO - AOUT_NG pin4 CORE SC - AOUT_NG pin5 CORE RC1 - AOUT_NG pin3?
  9. Little help with setting up an OLED

    Jo, I have luck with 8 bit mode and decided to leave it working as is. Another one is still not ordered. I'm in hibernation mode :D
  10. SEQ v4

  11. SEQ v4

  12. SEQ v4 lasercut rack

  13. MIDIbox FM V2.0 on LPC17

    Here is compared to LCD
  14. MIDIbox FM V2.0 on LPC17

    Great project, man!! Try these - 9mm top diameter. Love their quality and tactile feel.   I'm using them as encoder knobs painting caps with permanent marker (can't find black caps without mark) But for my new SEQV4 I'll make black acryllic milled ones. 
  15. inexpensive source of 40x2 lcd displays for seq4

    This is yellow-green on black ones. If you want better view angles - buy black on yellow (or other non-inverted). Quality as Altitude said. Poor view angles and inconsistency of backlight for inverted LCD's, but price and color options are better than at ebay. Also 20x2 character OLED working with MBSID V2 in 8-bit mode.