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  1. 3-Band EQ

    I may be a super-noob in these areas, but why does the connection between c3 and c4  run between the legs of the chip? That seems like some auto-routing gone bad! And if you take the "trace" from pin 6 of the chip underneath the chip instead you can do without the wire bridge by bringing pin 5 around the audio output?
  2. traktor controller design

    Do you have a link for this? Searching Conrad is a pain and doesn't come up with anything for Anreihtaster.cheers. Andreas
  3. An 8-step sequencer

    attila, you might want to read the text in the link - as far as I can tell you set the pitches with 10 pots, nothing else - it's a lot simpler, and probably a better solution than all those switches...
  4. How to realize a "constant time slide"

    Word. You're our golden goose, Thorsten, we want you to liiiiive!  :D
  5. An 8-step sequencer
  6. An 8-step sequencer

    very cool project - I worked with similar stuff a long time ago when I was into circuit-bending - the "light-theremin" style circuitbends are all about the 555 - they often pop up on ebay. Get Lofi have a write-up on the 555 as well: btw, for anyone even slightly interested in lofi gadgetry the GetLofi site is very nice:)
  7. check out the changelog: -since 2.1: "experimental" support for ain and mf modules
  8. I am finally building it.

    yeah man, good luck - we should get together and share parts ;) hehe. Any idea on how to case it yet?
  9. Artesia, looking at that picture... thinking about the price, and looking at the sheer number of components involved in that beast... The price of a shaeffer board like it would be around 200 pounds on its own  ::) it would be kinda cool to rig everything to transmit midi... hmmmm....
  10. did you make the transparent buttons yourself? Could you give a quick run-down of the process? Thanks.
  11. Re: MIDIbox CV V1.1 and MBHP_AOUT_LC

    perhaps midi clock sync? I'd love that.
  12. Rotary Encoder button wiring

    yes, these should be wired to the dinx4 just like an ordinary button, if memory serves. a.
  13. My MIDIbox SEQ... 100% sorted & finished

    hey Artesia, that design looks awesome. One question though: Won't the handles get in the way when operating the sequencer?
  14. tired of the midibox sid mod matrix display?

    yes. However, by using two different din registers (as in an 8x16 matrix) you would get this effect - and also very neat connections to and from the keypad - at least that's what I'm hoping for: Each keypad takes one of the douts on the common pin and distributes to all 16 dins
  15. tired of the midibox sid mod matrix display?

    these buttons really are cool as f**k! Tiny tiny assembly. The feel of the button is weird, kind of like firm Gameboy buttons. I like it, although they may be a bit too firm for a high-end performance controller. Dunno, they'll definitely be wired up asap for testing. I do have a question about these buttons though. They're arranged in a 16pin+1pin configuration, as opposed to keypads with 2 dedicated pins per button. Could that be a problem when used with the scan matrix? I've got other, bigger buttons lined up if it doesn't work.