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  1. MB-SEQ V3/V4 Control Surface PCB and matching case

    I would LOVE to get one I want this sequencer for YEARS pretty please
  2. Midibox SID V2 Manual PDF

    GREAT job on this manual... will stick it on the iPad :) for reading next to the MB6582!
  3. MB808 Seq Help. Not saving patterns

    OK... saving a pattern.   I've got a pattern humming...   I figured out...   Press & Hold ALT & Press PTRN - PTRN LED will flash Two LED's will be lit up on your GP buttons and is where the pattern is currenly saved. First Press button 1-8 to select where you're saving (A/B/C/D/E/F/G/H) - one of the LED's (9-16) will flash Press a single GP button from 9-16 to select  the other 1-8 selection   Still not certain which on the memory use... but I'm saving patterns :)
  4. MB808 Seq Help. Not saving patterns

    OK... I knew how to do this before... as I've got lots of cool programs I've inputed into my MB808 but I've not programmed it for way too long, and I've forgotten how to save.   :no:   I kinda hit a wall... trying to understand how to save my patterns.   any help would be appreciated. :rolleyes: Steve
  5. MIDIbox of the Week (MIDIbox CV of Altitude)

    Looks GREAT!
  6. Beautiful... I'll take it~!!! :D
  7. 6582 SID MEGA-SALE #5 **CLOSED**

    Got mine yesterday
  8. MB-6582 panels...

    I think Jesus would have played and upright... to be honest I'm afraid of homophobic's... and I'm a raving heterosexual  ;D
  9. MB-6582 baseboard part kits

  10. MB-6582 panels...

    Man that's is cool!  I bed that sounds HUGE!  Toss a hint of flanger and about a 20 ms delay dayum!  Tuning it must be fun :D
  11. MB-6582 panels...

    OK man I gotta see that!  Post some pics somewhere... I just finally got a 6 String.  Tried a Aria Pro II Steve Bailey bass back about 10 years ago and loved it... couldn't afford it then, and then couldn't find them because they were discontinued.  But managed to find one a few months back... and grabbed it
  12. MB-6582 panels...

    oh yeah me too Doug he and Jaco made me buy a bass (or 3) and I cannot WAIT to watch them it's gonna be a blast.  of course Jaco and Stanley the reasons I felt inferior on the bass too Keep plucking  ;D
  13. MB-6582 panels...

    Right on... we moved up here from Van.  Still get back often but have a much bigger house here - so I can spread out my hardware :) I'm back June to see Return To Forever! 
  14. MB-6582 panels...

    Where are you in WC?  I'm in Edmonton.
  15. MB-6582 baseboard part kits

    I'm not sure if this got lost in the shuffle... but just to reiterate I hope I am on your list SMASH for the parts kit.  It seems when I order from mouser they can get pretty stupid... my last order was sent super fast express courier and added $90 to my cost... even though I picked "slow and cheap" mail delivery. So yeah count me in sir... as a matter of fact I'm planning on building two of these so I'd be in for two times the above requested amount... so... 2 baseboard parts kits 2 control surface parts kits 2 of the programmed pics I applaud you for this SMASH and Wilba Steve