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  1. Hi karg my pinning yours is right PICKIT_PIN1- 16F88_PIN4 a 10k resistor between PICKIT PIN 3 (so 16f88_pin5 ( vdd )) PICKIT_PIN2 -16F88_PIN14 (Vcc) to connector for external power supply PICKIT_PIN3-16F88_PIN5 ( vdd ) and to connector for external power supply PICKIT_PIN4-16F88-PIN13 PICKIT_PIN5-16F88_PIN12 i power with external power supply in my remenber at 13.1v cause the pickit can't provide more than 5v...so don't click power from tool... i use Mplab X IDE or this (mirochip archive) http://ww1.microchip.com/downloads/en/DeviceDoc/PICkit3%20
  2. i was talking about the ALPS encoder . not the wheel rubbing or datawheel knob in the WILBA design the datawheel encoder is the only soldered on the rear of the PCB: http://www.midibox.org/dokuwiki/lib/exe/detail.php?id=wilba_mb_seq_construction_guide&media=wilba_mb_seq:spacer_locations.jpg with ALPS stec 12 it's difficult to mount it on the rear , bending the lateral fixation legs in a reverse way for soldering is not ideal . that why on my SEQ i have mounted all encoder on the front of the PCB. but if you solder the encoder on a little piece of perfboard (with lateral fixation
  3. what we would not do without our moms! ALPS stec12 have no thread and nut ... not cool for the datawheel don't think bending and soldering external legs will be solid if rear mouting.... mine is front "panel mount" ... EDIT: perhaps soldering the encoder on a piece of perfboard and fixed it with 2 screws/nuts via legs holes on the CS board would do the job....
  4. Yeah! Nice build! me too :D but so cool to have blinking lights machine ! is it the datawheel from adafruit?
  5. Yeah! Nice build! me too :D but so cool to have blinking lights machine ! is it the datawheel from adafruit?
  6. Hello Karg i use a pickit3 clone on windows....15 bucks ...perfect... works well .. i think it's the same unit than the original....same chinese manufacturer ...but not labelled microchip! use with MPLAB X IDE or PIckit 3.01 programmer (free download on microchip) depend the .hex and device.... pickit 2 is better for some reasons... but pickit 3 compatible with latest device... you have to use adapter or building it for each device in respect of datasheet.... and the "read me text" on "help" menu in software Best
  7. No bug on my side with GP buttons on 4.091 beta. but in MIXER maps does the hold SELECT button for activing LiveSend is implemented in EDIT Mode?
  8. Thanks jjonas, HW setup edited! thanks too for your great manual....
  9. Hi Thorsten, When you have a lot of patterns to edit or make change, to speed the workflow , and sometimes i switch between patterns and forget to save...(i have to educate myself to remember saving) it's the habitude/pratice with other gear or daw, you edit all you save all at the end.... i don't want to waste your time ! if it's complicated forget it! it's just an idea to discuss not a real request. GREAT i really think it's a great feature.... (real request) (it's for multiple midi outs config, like each different midi ports assigned to each tra
  10. i think too that the missing IC is another td62783apg but not important for debug.... if Braintu doesn't respond: if all the DIN/DOUT board are ok you can draw a schematic with wich switch DIN pin is wired to... same with led and DOUT. and editing the firmware with the correct DIN/DOUT map (there is one encoder it's like two switch) how to compile a new firmware: http://www.midibox.org/dokuwiki/application_development it's a simple project (i never build the clockbox but another projects about the same boards) and it's a midibox ....well documented ...good support... i
  11. Fortunately Andy speaks better French than I speak English! Love this RGB leds .... nice illuminated pots! Andy please stop making amazing projects , I'm gonna have the MBCV 2.01 on my TODO list.... if you continue i will have no time for the music!
  12. Latigid is right , it's the test application loaded not the clockbox application! after that: There an empty socket for the big LED segment ... IC is missing ... i think without this IC the big LED won't work. there certainly a problem here ... that's why test app had been loaded. what is the identity of regulator and the IC next the missing IC for the LED segment?
  13. Hi all Some ideas: - Autosave mode when pattern changing (cool for editing , not for live....) or a buffer for not loosing work....( more complicated for engine ressource cause the buffer must remember all pattern change) Save : normal /auto /buffer -multiloop mode (each track have this own loop settings) could be cool with a BLM dedicated page! for jam with micro loops! in loop page: all tracks (static/view) selected track (static/ view) independant tracks (static / view) selection of loop-on per tracks but shorcut ALL+ loop-on will loop all tracks (wi
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