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  1. Hello, if I´ve seen your nick here,, I have to ask, if you are the owner-user of Roland Fantom XR. Im the new owner of XR, but displa\ is out of order.

    The repair part of LCD is not avaiable no more, this is not standart, either no standart LCD for same driver chip on the market.

    I cant find anywhere some pics of LCD pages, as they change after switching menu buttons to serve this machine without PC Editor. 

    I wanna ask you if you could be so kind and make the snapshots of LCD, thought basic settings after powering up ? I know this could be pretty annoying job, but helpfull maybe for more people.

    Thank you for an answer

    Pomics Roland Lover

  2. [FS] GM5x5x5

    lovely, how much is it with shipping to czech republic ?  
  3. SEQ V4 Button Minimalism

    OLD IDEAS, but can you send me link to some one display, 8(4)+1 enc, and 16-32 buttons, or any simplified CS for SEQ4 ? no i dont mean 808 style, realy, cause got 707,626 and these ate awesome CS,(like 626 is a lot of teach, how to program beats /more then others x0x features ,(Vel, MidiNote No, Midi Ch. for an each button) long winter TINNY nights  wishes Adict Pom

    Hello and Than... time moved up well almost ten years after |studiing and reverse engeneering in LSI MSI electornic] Im back with 4x4 and 4x16 LCD button.matrix to get alive. still not shure hows LCD are driven,  originallz was all button board driven by Hitachi HD61830B which works well in both character so graphical mode. LED s [2Y+2R each button] MM5451 LED Display Driver 2 or 4 each board are serial 36 bit TTL shift registers. I have already maped buttons led, and im dump enoght to get into  button LCD driving. If anybody interest do develop some application, before I get into programing and logic analiding {other 5/10 years of live] and get these things go, please leave a message. Please respect my poor ability understand well these things, but I m wondering about ading 4 to 16 encoderes, some track, layer, edit, perform, menu, enter {SET},exit,{RESET] shift, alt, up, down PLAY, TEMPO, DIVIDE, STOP, CS butons and realise some graphical SEQ 4BLM version, focused to work similary to SEQ 24   more edit and data soon Pom   
  5. PIC 6voice retro chip

    Respect everybody herejavascript:void(0); Roll Eyes ::) ::) SOUNDGINhttp://oopic.com/soundgin/ datasheet_http://si.fileburst.com/SoundginDatasheet.pdf Here i found some toy, theme PIC sound, but 25,- bucks inside US. Since time saw here some toying with sidsound? from Thorsten, please where is the topic. Comments wilkommen, pom eastside PRAHA ???javascript:void(0); Huh

    Yes, in Cental Europe are people used to earn money for their hobbies selling different goodies:) for people out  of Czech Republic I offer this only for Midiboxers, althought i have just few pieces, i give gentelman guarantie, that i plugged it in, let it boot and do iniciation routines that all parts are working. Give me an offer i can not refusse:) I am not a thief. Im seriously keen into make of it Midibox based Killing seq, but as my profesion is architecture, dont have knowledge to do it as MIOS system, i understand sh*t about coding PICs, so i can weld whot another one is able to develop. it is not hard generally, becaus board of LCD buttons is assemled with IO parts, which seems to be a standart. This things was made by Wyatt- A reuter company, classical 2 side PCB, no SMD parts except LCD Driver
  7. HI There A continue in introdusing unique parts I saved form Liquidation of Brookers company. Dedicated to MIDIBOX Members, because This Unit contains 23 LCD display buttons in matrix 4x8, very well suited for unique MIDIBOX SEQ V3+) check czech a like ebay: http://www.aukro.cz/item194095091_automatic_dial_machine_pouze_na_aukru.html Unique mashine contains this boards: - 1 board fo 2x4 LCD Buttons -underlighted - 1 board of multiplexors MM50xx - 1 board with industry 286 MCU with some RAM and EPROM, - 1 board with I/o,RS 232, digital I/o, 5V + 12 v stabiliser, then there are 2 2x20 LCD s and couple of other buttons right part is some dialer and telephone + EPROM key MEMORY CARD SLOT well documented on http://www.aukro.cz/item194095091_automatic_dial_machine_pouze_na_aukru.html just click blue line above picture to enlarge:) email me kobejn@seznam.cz Subject Midibox Matrix :)
  8. 16 LCD Button with 4LED Matrix

    :) A Have 4 Compete mashines on our cottage, theese are 8x4, matrixes, and 3 pcs of 4x4. All od them has 2red,2ylw LEDs. A just cannot asure you that LEDs wirings are fully independent. I can send You 1 small matrix just for a postage, if You are able to develop how to connect it with midibox. Complete mashine photos will be to see next week.
  9. Cecko, Slovensko - CZ, SK

    maam doma jeden midibox 16+ v peknym drevenym boxiku, trochu nevyuzity, jsem trochu mamlas, kdo ma zajem? Funguje to sqele mohu doporucit, vsem co chtej stavet, a rozjet DIY v ?echách
  10. 16 LCD Button with 4LED Matrix

    Thumbs UP FOR THORSTEN K. FOR MIDIBOX SEQ FAU DREI ;D Hi I thought, because of switch fnctn of LCD buttons, to use it, althought are free of dynamic transduser, simmilarly as note on/off, as seen as on Akai MPC or Roland SP series, other posibility as dedicated button to dedicated rows/culomns of character display, as we try to power up original dialup machine, from where we canibalized it:) / nice therm thor)/ those LCD buttons are conntroled as character/or graphical displays:) which schould be nice 4 User Interface Friendly MOSTLY. ucapps is down right now, whats up? I would prefer to offer guys, whom interested to send me request for peace of it to develop it, unfortunately there are just a few pieces, nothing more to get. Male me: kobejn at seznam dot cz to get feather information. check the snaps from top of the task.
  11. 16 LCD Button with 4LED Matrix

    There is few of 4x8 Matrices housed in original box also, snaps later.
  12. Hi There ! :) :D :-* ::) :o 8) :)[glow=red,2,300]Firstly ALL THUMBS UP for Thorsten and MBSEQ FauDrei :)[/glow] I ve got some 4x4 Matrix LCD Buttons, underlighted, with 4 LEDs on each http://pomix.ezin.cz/FOTKY/THORSTEN/Matrix16.JPG http://pomix.ezin.cz/FOTKY/THORSTEN/MatrixBot.JPG It is from old digital PhoneLineTerminal WYATT BROS showing phone numbers and names on LCD of the buttons, which is kinda graphical, but knowd showing letters. If Anyone interested to work it out, reply HERE and email to kobejn svist seznam dot cz, later I´ll bring another info about parts here. Thinking about 2 culomns of 4 encoders right the matrix, 2 colomnr left, I will Be Able To GET 4ontheFloor just with one move across the culomn. Think about that guys, i am welder, not electroing. Thank for related forthcoming replays ;D