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  1. So, you still got the damaged panel ?
  2. I have 6583A SIDs!!!

    Nice, never heard of those, it's like stumbling into a time machine and finding the next evolution of SID.
  3. MB808 drum seq standalone

    Sasha, I've never seen mini DIN's on musical instruments. I guess that there is no difference in performance so It's only an aesthetic choice and the need to make cables that would fit. Most of the time I like things to be packed in small as possible and understand your stand on making the SEQ as slim as possible, At the same time there are some parts I prefer large (or normal) as the smaller ones seems to me funny on instruments - as such I would never use banana plugs instead of 1/4 jacks although it would save me panel space, DIN is a new world for me but I guess it's the same. Back to the real subject, your SEQ, a few more questions might trigger an idea. How exactly are the two boards connected, I see the space for DIL connectors, are you adding them on both and then connect with a jumper/terminal between them ?
  4. MB808 drum seq standalone

    I was thinking of something like this. It would keep the SEQ at the same height but would add 1.5cm to the depth.
  5. MB808 drum seq standalone

    Great work Sasha, I really like the progress you are making in such sort time. Regarding the DIN connectors, I hope I understand the question, Where you planning on pcb mount ? If so maybe you can extend just the Main board where they are mounted so the CS board won't overlap that area.
  6. MB6582 Psu option C, a few questions

    m00dawg, I'm following your thread very closely and it does look the best option. I'm still avoiding the need to make my own power supplies and prefer to use a wallwart or an external regulated power supply when possible.
  7. MB6582 Psu option C, a few questions

    Thanks for the reply, I would have to consider my steps again. I was thinking about the current requirements as well, that was one of the reason I've asked about this option. I thought I've seen the 78XX series in a 1.5A before but I was wrong or looked at another regulator. With the tight space in the PT10 case I would rather avoid the need of Extra large heatsink. Thanks for the help, Asaf
  8. Hello, I have failed in obtaining a C64 Psu that fits 220v and would rather use a single 9Vac supply then to buy / build a transformer for Option D. Was wondering if anyone built his MB6582 with option C Psu and can offer help regarding the wiring and bridging needed. I understand the wiring between J4 and J74, still trying to figure out what to do with the power socket as the Din socket won't fit with the adapter. I'm building the MB6582 using the latest pcb and with only 6582 SID's. Thanks, Asaf
  9. + 15 /-15 and +5 volt power supply

    Great find, thanks for sharing this. So good to see that they use the LM3x7 regulators, with trimpots added they can be adjusted up to 30V if I remember correctly. This could be a nice substitute for the C64 power supply.
  10. Who wants to go halves with me?

    I'll go with 1/100.2366
  11. Thanks Mike, didn't think of looking in the Mod's link
  12. Hi, I searched a bit but couldn't find the post referring as to where to place the 3 Hi gain 733 transistors. pointing the way would help a clueless me. Thanks, Asaf
  13. new MB project and tutorial

    Thanks for sharing, this looks great
  14. [S] Duel SSM2044 pcb's + Sifam Bullet Type knobs

    Hello, Original thread updated, I have 2 spare SSM2004 boards $8 each and worldwide shipping cost is $3 each / both I still have 100 Sifam knobs as well red on black, splint type if anyone like (from a canceled order) All Gone Asaf
  15. Dear Mike, It's always nice to open a package and see a smiling face. Thanks for the sourcing, soon it's soldering time