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  1. Thanks!

    MatriX has some similarities to the BLM16x16+X in that it has 17x17 keys and a few sliders, and communicates over the same MIDI protocol. Apart from those it is really quite different!

    The BLM protocol has a "keyboard mode" where you can play with different velocity on the y axis, notes (usually forced to scale) on x.


  2. Very pretty! May I ask what current you're driving through the LEDs? Do you experience any voltage sag/droop at the 595 anode outs? The story apparently goes, that if you're drawing more than 5-6mA (continuous) through a 595 output pin, the source voltage will decrease. http://electronics.stackexchange.com/questions/77841/how-much-current-can-my-74hc595-handle-on-each-output-pin

    While keeping in the MIDIbox paradigm of ordinary shift register chips, one thought is to add PNP BJTs as "current sources" (moreso voltage sources due to constant current sinks on the cathodes). Any thoughts on this?

  3. Yep, the vertical spacing is the standard 15mm, the horizontal is 19mm to align with encoders. The pads would move around less if they were in blocks of 4*3, but strips of 1*4 at least hold together okay in the BLM 16*16 (an acrylic spacer helps).

    Just throwing a concept here, nothing's concrete.

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