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New eurorack modules from midiphy - preview


...still with handmade paper/epoxy frontpanels for fit-testing :)

From the album:

Hawkeyes MB stuff

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ps: the panel graphics will still be updated slightly for the final version - like the v4+ case, Hallik Engineering will provide them and we can't wait to have them in hands :).

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9 hours ago, weasel said:

are these MAX11300 powered by any chance?

No, it's not.
If you really want to try it... here a mios32 module for the pixi (max11300). this is a draft !
Please share your work if you do some modification or correction.

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will do, i ordered the chip a couple days ago to try and improve on the existing unoffical driver for axoloti (stm32f4 based too), but will also try and look into direct midibox use!


enough derailment, these midiphy modules look like all midibox users would ever want!!

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For AOUT? There's an old thread of mine around. Just the AOUT with a different amp design. Dual inverting amp; the first sets the gain/scaling, the second re-inverts and mixes in +5V for bipolar. 

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My euro design really fell apart since the orginal AOUT design used the power rails as references for the trim and offset pots and while that worked fine on the bench supply, when you put that in a big rack the noise on the +/-12 power rails made the device unusable.  Hopefully you dealt with that accordingly.

I did revise mine based on Yarns (actually, the same circuit is used in the Performer which is just an 8 Channel DAC with the same opamp staging) but never finished it.

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Interesting to read that you have had problems based on the power. FWIW I have been running mine inside of a Buchla clone which is using a pretty nice PSU and I haven't noticed any big problems. But this does make me wonder if the AOUT would benefit from a better output stage, those fancy DACs deserve the best IMO! I would probably use something similar to the ornaments and crime:

has anyone tried such a thing? Or any other suggestions? :)

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OC is VERY similar to yarns but those are all 4 channel devices..  The way I went about it it was just like this thing:  https://github.com/westlicht/performer-hardware/blob/master/sequencer.pdf

8 channel 16 bit DAC (DAC8568) and same output stage as Yarns using the internal reference of the DAC (Not the power rails like AOUT, yarns uses an external reference also).  I started working on the board but other things got in the way and its on hold.  It was a small modular type device that was supposed to be plugged into the back of my 10hp breakout



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On 5/29/2019 at 7:50 PM, Altitude said:



it seems you made some progress with the layout :) I'm always interested in those 8 channels sharp 1V/Oct !

You can maybe reuse the front panel and front board from Andy. You will economize some working time, it can help you finish this great module.

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@latigid on


I didnt get that far.  The TI parts good and proven (all the MI stuff, OC, Performer etc) so I wanted to use those parts.  They would need a driver for sure but again, given all the STM based hardware out there using them, I figured they would be a good choice since those could be used as a guide

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