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  1. thanks for your reply. the m16 looks promising but I'm afraid i not fully understand the capabilities or how to set it up. would it be possible to make a standalone midi-router from it? probably have to wait until it's more prepared for soldering by numbers :) thanks
  2. hello, is it possible to get boards for this project or is it planned to offer it in midiphy-shop? I am very interested... would like to be able to route 32inputs to 16outputs (ports). thanks rbv2
  3. have found something.. https://mechanicalkeyboards.com/shop/index.php?l=product_detail&p=477
  4. i pulled them by hand. is there a special tool? the picture does not match the actual impression. one can clearly distinguish which steps are selected.
  5. pulling off the caps from the matias switches is quite tough. a lot of force is needed. The new caps looking great and help with the light diffusion. thanks
  6. :D yesss, can't wait. after a while of usage i find it a little bright too.
  7. i like the keycaps a lot :D
  8. when sending out triggers from AOUT Ch16 and then select in the parameter layer "lenght" i can change the lenght of the trigger/gate from 1% to Glide at 1% - no trigger at 2% - sporadic trigger from - 3-20% steady trigger from - 21-100 % double trigger with increasing distance (21% narrow / 100% wide) glide - only the first trigger before we fixed the grounding issue i got double triggers starting at 5% and other problems but now i'm pretty shure those are gates and not triggers making some modules being triggered at the beginning and the end of that rectangular p
  9. thanks a lot, it's working much better now also the random triggers when inserting cables are gone now :) only get double triggers on very long "lenght" settings wich i assume is normal behavior. are those real triggers or very short gates? thanks @Hawkeye and @latigid on for your support and patience you deserve a beer btw. where is the "buy hawkeye a beer" button?
  10. no, its 5V didn't know how write it correctly. yes, isn't so well drawn but that's what I meant. thanks. i try it and report
  11. @latigid on thanks! to be on the safe side, I made a drawing. it shows my current wiring. the black line with the question mark shows how I understand it. would that be okay? thank you! rbv2
  12. hi latigid on, thanks a lot for your answer. - since i have made no changes in the HW Config beside setting the 1ms-option and SRs for clocks, gates & Trigger i would assume no - all tracks muted except for the one sending triggers to CH16 - checked all cables visually again - the resistance between 0V Eurorack and pin 2 of a Midi Socket oscillates between 1,8-2,5 Ohm - no jumper in J3 - the double trigger only occours on some modules and depends on the setting of the length in the parameter layer, when length is 4% it's almost gone, it's acting li
  13. hi peter, at the shematic i can see the point you refering to but there is no jumper or place for a pinheader. yes i use the DOUT module for 8x Gate, 16x Trigger an 8x Clock the AOUT NG is for CV only. a friend of mine will lend me his scope. but i don't have one right now. thank you!
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