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  1. Song from ici & lui

    Hi everyone,   here is a tune available from my band "ici & lui"   guitar, trumpet, tenor sax, vermona DRMmkIII, vermona PerFourMer, sampler Roland SP505 and of course a MidiBoxSEQV4   hope you will enjoy     thomas - mastomo
  2. SEQ CS board availability

    Hi Tim, Hi everyone, many thanks for those kind words about this process. this is my choice, of course, this is easier for me :blush: I guess your job about all this is crazy, thanks for all of us, and thanks for me and my own music :flowers: have a good day / night Thomas
  3. Seq V4 pcb + case + partskit

    Hi everyone I've writed "I'm interested" that is still true. My name is on Tim's list and I still want this first kit from smashTV. Having severals sequencer is a good thing ! Many many thanks Tim for what you're doing. Peace to you reading this post :-) Thomas
  4. Seq V4 pcb + case + partskit

    Hi electro I'm interested in it :-) When you're ready, you tell me what to do Have a good day Thomas
  5. Remote Midi with MidiSeq V4

    Hi Julien, Hi tupinamba, many thanks for your kind words :-) about MIDI remote, go to -> left menu : MIDIbox SEQ4 design -> find MIDI remote link to activate the midi remote function, note C DO this Thomas
  6. Remote Midi with MidiSeq V4

    Hi tupinamba, 1. yes it can work with a midi keyboeard connected to MIDI IN1 2. about your Roland V-Drum, you need to know the number midi note from each pad 3. i'm doing this with the help from if you want, here a performance from my own band, i'm playing the SEQ V4 with footswitch best regard Thomas
  7. hi everyone, my name is on this wiki list since a long time. i'm not in a hurry, just wanted to know about the "new format" do i need to put my name again ? or does my "old" entry is still OK ? good day to you, reader :flowers:
  8. midiboxSEQV4 on stage, live performance

    @cit : we will really happy to share mp3 with the midibox community ... but we've got only old stuff now ... our last recording session was in 2009 ... and you know how it works, we want to share news sounds :-) we are planning to go back in studio next month, we will have news mp3 then and i promise i will tell you . OR, i can send old stuff if you like ? just tell me @TK : i don't know if you realize how glad we are about our entry in the midibox blog !!! this is really really REAL-LY greeeeeaaaaaAATTTTT !!! many thankx for this @m00dawg : we would love to do a release on vinyl but we have never done this ... i hope so much in future but this is not planned hoping the best for all of you :thumbsup:
  9. Sprite Collision

    i love that sound, that is really cool and nice :flowers:
  10. midiboxSEQV4 on stage, live performance

    Peter, J. jojjelito, Paul, Schrabikus, many tahnks for your kind words, i really appreciate it :flowers: have a good day
  11. Hi everyone, A video of my own band, ICI ET LUI is available on Vimeo. we used a midiboxSEQV4 on stage, hope you will enjoy this :-)
  12. MIDIbox SEQ V4Lite

    @cd_reloaded, i just download your template, nomw i need to understand how it works with but i will, be sure :-) i'll tell you when everythings OK (... or NOT ...) your pictures are really great ! i love this ! @smashTV, it sound like some good news !! cooooool
  13. MIDIbox SEQ V4Lite

    hi everyone, @cd_relaoded : your case is amazing, i must admit that i would like the same :flowers:
  14. MBSEQV4L Frontpanel PCB Bulk Order

    aï aï aï !!! christmas is coming :sorcerer:
  15. MBSEQV4L Frontpanel PCB Bulk Order

    cit, you need to create your account if you want to edit the wiki :-)