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  1. Sifam Knobs Bulk order #2

    So from all your postings i get that the only option is the DRN110 with color caps because all the 3/04 and 4/04 are only on order with minimum quantity of 500? That's bad :( (except we get this much orders!) I will wait for your post what they have available in D-Shaft and on stock before i bug you with questions about the other possible Knobs ;)
  2. Sifam Knobs Bulk order #2

    YAY! I looked into the pdf catalogue and did not see these because they aren't in there. They look even better than the 3/04 :) Only thing is that i can't find these knobs with Grey Base/Black Middle and Red pointer????!!!!! So my actual wishlist is: 50 RED (if they are available) 50 4/04/DR110 006/26 DK GREY091/BLACK005/BRIGHT GREEN127 50 4/04/DR110 006/26 DK GREY091/BLACK005/BRIGHT AQUA128 50 4/04/DR110 006/26 DK GREY091/BLACK005/MAGENTA129 50 4/04/DR110 006/26 DK GREY091/BLACK005/ORANGE023 50 4/04/DR110 006/26 DK GREY091/BLACK005/YELLOW010 Total: 300 50 DRN110 006/26 BLK 50 C110 please let me know if it's possible :)
  3. MIDIbox SEQ V4Lite

    Hello! First of all: Thanks to all involved for another great Build!!! Today i wanted to order the Panels designed by cd. As i copied the drawing into Formulor's Template there was so much space left that i tought to me, myself and i that i'd design a Full Case based on cd's Panels! As my Core PCB isn't populated yet i have two questions to the ppl who already built a V4L: How much heat is the LPC Core generating? Is a Ventilation Grill/Fan Assembly needed? (Don't think it's much heat but better ask before burning down the house :blush: ) Second, is there any Template (dxf, dwg, svg) xor exact Measurements/Distances for the Connectors and the Position of the Core Module on the Backpanel from cd? Thanks and Regards Gregor
  4. For those who are interested in Led-stripes, here is a cheap ebay-offer: LED-Stripe
  5. MBSEQV4L Frontpanel PCB Bulk Order

    Thanks Tim, mine arrived yesterday in vienna together with the Seq Case! Customs only needed half an hour to declare it "toll-free", think that should go into the book of records :thumbsup: Time is all thats needed now, it would be a really nice gift if someone could spare some :rolleyes:
  6. Sifam Knobs Bulk order #2

    Good Choice Schrabikus :) For the encoders i'll go for 50 pieces with that one too! For the Potsections i need color, as mentioned above these are nice 3/04/DRP110 006 So here's my wishlist: 100pcs 3/04/DRP110 006/26 BLK1004/WHT224 50pcs 3/04/DRP110 006/26 BLK1004/RED230 50pcs 3/04/DRP110 006/26 BLK1004/ORANGE231 50pcs 3/04/DRP110 006/26 BLK1004/YELLOW239 50pcs 3/04/DRP110 006/26 BLK1004/BLUE236 50pcs 3/04/DRP110 006/26 BLK1004/GREEN235 50pcs DRN110 006/26 BLK 400pcs Total
  7. MIDIbox SEQ V4Lite

    Nice Work!!! I was little irritated by the Silver PCB, thought for a moment the parts were soldered to the (Metal)Frontpanel :whistle: Is someone planning on a Bulk Order for the PCB's?
  8. Sifam Knobs Bulk order #2

    Thats great timing Altitude! I do need some knobs for the next projects! Thinking about 200 pieces here and going with nebula's choice of knob. Have seen (and used) them on a DIY Synth at a friend, look and feel very nice, especially those little bumps on top! As for the knob specs i dont have any requirements at this moment as i dont have any pots for these projects -> will buy the pots after the knob specs =) But i'd like to have for some sections different knob pointer colors, maybe if enough requests are made would it be possible to order 3-4 colors?
  9. LCD RS232 interface -> Core32

    Hi My C programming was very good... ten years ago. At the moment i'm learning it again with MIOS! So that would be an option on the long run, maybe sometimes :) OK then i need some other LCD's. Thanks for your quick Answer!
  10. Hi As this is my first post, i wanted to thank everyone who contributed to this tremendous DIY Project! It's really nice to see people with such a motivation. *Thumbs Up* :) Is it possible to connect a LCD Display with a RS232 Interface to Core32 in any way? I have some NewHaven 2x40 LCD's lying around and didn't get any info wether in here nor on the net. Datasheet Thanks!