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  1. There are news again. The second filter board for the DE-GENERATOR is ready. It Is a stereophonic 4-pole Mision filter with the following characteristics: * Lowpass 6dB * Lowpass 12dB * Lowpass 18dB * Lowpass 24dB * Bandpass 12dB * Highpass 12dB * Lowpass + Highpass 12dB Link:   
  2. Testadapter

    This is the Test Adapter for CPU-Board from DE:GENERATOR

    This is the CPU Board from my DIY Synthesizer DE:GENRATOR Blog english: Blog in deutsch:
  4. hello there short question would it be possible to switch center of range of Random generator from 64 to 0 or 127 for example Holding SELECT key and rotating encoder of desired parameter so then the range of parameter will define how far from that center it will go?   happy new year to all   Kazik
  5. hi there   just got my Midibox seqv4 . one question though is it possible to make Random Generator to remember settings for each track? so i dont have to change settings each time im changing track for editing?   bEsts  K