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    DE-GENERATOR DIY Synthesizer / Sampler Project block in german: Project block in english: Youtube:   
  2. There are news again. The second filter board for the DE-GENERATOR is ready. It Is a stereophonic 4-pole Mision filter with the following characteristics: * Lowpass 6dB * Lowpass 12dB * Lowpass 18dB * Lowpass 24dB * Bandpass 12dB * Highpass 12dB * Lowpass + Highpass 12dB Link:   
  3. DEGENERATOR Motherboard and CPU-Board

    This is the DEGENERATOR Motherboard and CPU-Board
  4. DEGENERATOR case designe

    This is the Motherboard PCB of Degenerator. More Info in my Blog:
  5. Sample Recording

    This is the Sample Recording Menu in my DIY Synthesizer. Record function is per midi note, key ore threshold Youtube: My Blog in german: My Blog in english: