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  1. UPDATE - In the meantime, I have managed to sort this by setting up bookmarks for the buttons in question and then saving the pages t the bookmarks ------------original message ---------------- Sorry to have to lean on the community once again...I have spent a day trying, trust me !   I have finally decided on a new front panel layout that suits my needs better than the (premade) midibox that I am using... I have managed to use the MIOS file browser to setup many buttons to do what I want them to do ( changing the pause button to a dedicated record button for example ) however, there are a few pages that are themselves, nested in other pages ( Echo / Human / Scale ...all within FX for example)   I wondered if it is possible to use a single button to DIRECTLY go to these sub pages , for instance I press a button on the front panel and it brings up the ECHO page (  the one with track/echo on/repeats/delay etc etc ) directly, rather than, as I am now, having to press the FX page ( which I CAN find as a direct button) and then have to use the GP buttons to select the NEXT page down??   If someone can let me know one example of how to do this and where that reference is located, I am sure I could then sort out the other "sub menu buttons" that I would like to have. thanks   Phill
  2. Hi all, I am getting to grips with the MBSEQ_HW.V4 file after a few years off altering stuff and I am half way to my goal...   what I want to do is re-purpose the "ALL" button (  which I don't find myself using much ) as a dedicated record button BUT WITH THE LED toggling between on and off as the unit comes in and out of record. I would find this really useful... I can already map the button itself using the SR and Pin of 4   6 but I can't figure out how to make the buttons LED toggle between off ( not in rec mode) and on ( in rec mode)   can anyone throw some light on this?   thanks   Phill
  3. From the album Screen Shots

  4. Problem with Realtime Recording

    Hi again,   I have spent another wonderful evening with my Midibox Seq v4 and I am starting to feel pretty at home with the front panel and its sequencing however, I seem to be having issue with realtime recording,   it seems like certain notes played from my input keyboard are causing the sequencer to stop rather than recording the notes in realtime, I cant figure out why it would be doing this... the notes also seem to trigger some  kind of switching between the layers ( I am figuring this form the 1,2,3 lights changing as certain notes are pressed)... any ideas what I have set up wrong?