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  1. I hope someone can figure out what is going on as I am stumped... I have 1 tracks set up for four instruments via MIDI out1 ,  T1 Mininova T2,  JP-08 T3 JX03 T4 SH-01a   Last night I had an odd issue where by T1's "live record mode = on"  led to it constantly erasing the previous notes  that i had recorded....even when no new notes are being played via the MIDI IN 1 port... This is indistance to ALL other tracks, on those tracks I could eave "live record mode = on"  active and running in the background and the notes would only get replaced in the sequence  when a new note was played on the keyboard   any ideas what I had done?
  2. MIDIbox SEQ V4 Release + Feedback

    Would it be possible to make bookmarks "follow" the currently selected track?   I have had to use bookmarks to bring some functions (divider , random generator, echo etc ) onto their own dedicated buttons on my adapted front panel, however I am now stuck in the  situation where SOME buttons ( length / direction etc) ARE  track sensitive (i.e. if I am on group 4 track 4 the menu is applied directly to that track  ( which I LIKE ) , where as the bookmarked pages use the track that I was on when I saved the book mark ( which is confusing as I end up applying changes to the wrong track often) is there a way to change this?   thanks   Phill
  3. Sorry, I sorted it, you just hook up to MIOS and press the button in question and the SR and PIN comes up in the bottom window...sorry to waste anyones time ----------------------original query-----------------------------------   I want to change a button that I cant find the SR / Pin numbers of... is there any simple way to find this out?   On the (premade ) panel the button is labelled as F3, however it ( and the other F number buttons DO NOT correspond to the F buttons in the HW file ( all are set to 0   0 ) , I have managed to find the others by pressing their functions ( save, save all , ? , undo ) then using the SR PIN numbers to redistribute these buttons to new functions ...this has worked for all other F numbers, but pressing F3 doesn't seem to DO anything, so I cant use this to diagnose the  numbers if it helps the other SR PINS are F1     9   3 F2     9   6 F3     ??????? F4     10   4   any ideas?   Phill  
  4. UPDATE - In the meantime, I have managed to sort this by setting up bookmarks for the buttons in question and then saving the pages t the bookmarks ------------original message ---------------- Sorry to have to lean on the community once again...I have spent a day trying, trust me !   I have finally decided on a new front panel layout that suits my needs better than the (premade) midibox that I am using... I have managed to use the MIOS file browser to setup many buttons to do what I want them to do ( changing the pause button to a dedicated record button for example ) however, there are a few pages that are themselves, nested in other pages ( Echo / Human / Scale ...all within FX for example)   I wondered if it is possible to use a single button to DIRECTLY go to these sub pages , for instance I press a button on the front panel and it brings up the ECHO page (  the one with track/echo on/repeats/delay etc etc ) directly, rather than, as I am now, having to press the FX page ( which I CAN find as a direct button) and then have to use the GP buttons to select the NEXT page down??   If someone can let me know one example of how to do this and where that reference is located, I am sure I could then sort out the other "sub menu buttons" that I would like to have. thanks   Phill
  5. Using "ALL" button as "REC" (with light)

    sorry, ignore my original question... I figured it out after a bit of scrolling.. just go to the part of the HW file that reals with LEDs, turn the numbers next to the LED ALL to 0 and hen put the same numbers next ot LED REC ...more or less exactly like the button.. I just didn't  realise it would be that easy!!    
  6. Hi all, I am getting to grips with the MBSEQ_HW.V4 file after a few years off altering stuff and I am half way to my goal...   what I want to do is re-purpose the "ALL" button (  which I don't find myself using much ) as a dedicated record button BUT WITH THE LED toggling between on and off as the unit comes in and out of record. I would find this really useful... I can already map the button itself using the SR and Pin of 4   6 but I can't figure out how to make the buttons LED toggle between off ( not in rec mode) and on ( in rec mode)   can anyone throw some light on this?   thanks   Phill
  7. Midibox SEQ V4 not updating via MIOS

    ahhhh for some reason changing all the way through the combinations then back to GM5 PORT 1 for both IN and OUT finally let me connect.... I have literally NO idea what was different to the other hundred times but it worked !!! thanks for all your help and patience guys
  8. Midibox SEQ V4 not updating via MIOS

    hi there, the USB that came with it was plugged into the MICRO not the MINI side. I have now replaced the MICRO cable and get the following MIDI IN options are  GM5 PORT 1 GM5 PORT 2 GM5 PORT 3 GM5 PORT 4 same options for the MIDI OUT drop down... however ALL combinations result in the following message in red on the left hand reading pane   No response from MIOS8 or MIOS32 core! Check MIDI IN/OUT connections and Device ID! For debugging see also Help->MIDI Troubleshooting
  9. Midibox SEQ V4 not updating via MIOS

    righty,   I have opened up my MIDIbox and need a little more help, sorry...   I can see the blue button, I can also see that the external cases USB IO is really just a convertor with a regular USB cable inside the midibox that then goes to mini USB on the circuit board... am I best off plugging my PC directly into that, or still using the MIDI DIN in and out ... (for when I press the blue button)   thanks
  10. Midibox SEQ V4 not updating via MIOS

    Hi there, I just tried that and it fails in the same way... power up MIDIBOX and then power up MIOS studio - ok - MIDIBOX LCD showing normal "play" screen select midi in = viewcon and midi out = midiout2 (viewcon) - ok ( gives me the os in the left hand box)- MIDIBOX LCD still showing normal "play" screen browse to project.hex in folder MBHP_CORE_STM32F4 , click open ) right hand pane reads Reading project.hex project.hex contains 86768 bytes (340 blocks). Range 0x08000000-0x08003fff (16384 bytes) - BL excluded Range 0x08004000-0x080041ff (512 bytes) - STM32 Flash Range 0x08010000-0x080211ff (70144 bytes) - STM32 Flash Press start button to begin upload. - MIDIBOX LCD still showing normal "play" screen   then press start - returns the following Reading project.hex Trying to contact the core... project.hex contains 86768 bytes (340 blocks). Range 0x08000000-0x08003fff (16384 bytes) - BL excluded Range 0x08004000-0x080041ff (512 bytes) - STM32 Flash Range 0x08010000-0x080211ff (70144 bytes) - STM32 Flash MIOS32 Bootloader Mode cannot be entered - try again?  - MIDIBOX LCD Screen switches to "bootloader mode" but then switches back as the final bit of text comes up.   if I try again that repeats the same message in the right hand pane, but this time the MIDIBOX LCD stays on after   if I try start once more, the message in the right hand pane changes to   Reading project.hex Trying to contact the core... project.hex contains 86768 bytes (340 blocks). Range 0x08000000-0x08003fff (16384 bytes) - BL excluded Range 0x08004000-0x080041ff (512 bytes) - STM32 Flash Range 0x08010000-0x080211ff (70144 bytes) - STM32 Flash WARNING: no response from core Please reboot the core (e.g. turning off/on power)! Waiting for upload request...   MIDIBOX LCD stays on until powered off to reset
  11. Midibox SEQ V4 not updating via MIOS

    Thanks for your advice so far... The midibox is fully built / cased and working on v4.090 , all I would like to do is update to the latest fw. my computer os is Windows 7 64bit I have been using the Korg drivers just fine on my other midibox along with a generic MIDI I/O USB ( one of the Chinese ones with a blue plastic box and two grey leads) ... it will still work for updating my other midibox .   is the "BLUE BUTTON"  you mention on the actual circuit or is it supposed to be on the front panel ? mine is cased in a wilba type case and I have yet to open it ( would avoid it if possible )  as I am no electroncs expert, hence trading to get this midibox.   thanks for the help
  12. Hi all, I'm sorry to have to lean on the knowledge of the forum again, I have spent two nights trying to understand this issue before reaching out, I appreciate anyones time in replying. I have just been given a second midibox ( I have not built either ) , my first one has never had a problem with updating the firmware via MIOS and I am sufficiently aware of how it is "normally" done. I am connecting via the DIN MIDI in / out to USB cable that I have used on my other midibox , I have also tried using the standard USB input (which would not "see" the core at all). my new midibox seq v4 came with OS V4.090 and is using MBHP_CORE_STM32F4 , I am matching the hex file I am trying to upload to this. when I connect my MIDI to USB interface cables to MIDI in/out 1 and start up mios and select "VIEWCON" for midi in and "MIDIOUT2 (VIEWCON)" for midi out , the core is connecting and I am getting the normal information in the lefthand reading plane... "core type , OS,  serial, mem size etc etc" I am then selecting the correct hex file which itself is reading correctly into the righthand  reading pane, ending with "press start button to begin upload" .... I do click on start  BUT then the following happens in RED MIOS32 Bootloader Mode cannot be entered - try again? the left hand LCD of my midibox does briefly change to BOOTLOADER MODE but then the unit resets this new MIDIBOX I have received has its SD card soldered directly to the board but other than that appears to work the same as my old unit.   if anyone can offer any help it would be really appreciated.      
  13. MIDIbox SEQ V4 Release + Feedback

    thank you for such a fast response TK I will give this update a go as soon as I am back from easter. thanks again sir
  14. MIDIbox SEQ V4 Release + Feedback

    I have thought about the teo things I am asking for a little more and hope the following usage case explains It a little better.   Request 1 - F button functions for live record. I wonder if you have played a Korg electribe unit? If so , this idea is closely based on electribe style functionality…. Basically when RECORD is armed notes are played into the sequencer and with RECORD unarmed you can play notes over the top of the sequencer without  them being sent to the sequencer.   An  F button for LIVE recording (when ARMED anything I play gets recorded into the sequencer) (when UNARMED I can play over the top of my current sequence without notes being sent to the sequence)   If I wished to enter notes into the sequence  I would switch to the EDIT page , this would then let me enter notes by either selecting a step and inputting the note on the keyboard or rotating the step dials.   I used to have this functionality in a previous OS version when Live mode didn't have sub options as simply bookmarking the live record let me dip into recording live and edit put me back out to step mode  but now it doesn’t seem to work ( I think this is due to the other options that have been added)... this update would, in my eyes, be more powerful anyway as it would let you "play over" your sequence without the glitches I used to have ( if I played in a chord one note at a time, each note would also re-trigger the previous inputted notes as well as it was basically summing them to one polyphonic step)/   2. Request 2 – Transpose tracks being more musically related to the current scale.   I think my first attempt at requesting an update to this would have been a clumsy implementation as I didn’t describe my thoughts well… sorry about that.   The issue I was trying to solve was (in example ) when you are playing in a forced scale and then trying to use a track as a transpose track, the notes needed to be input to create in scale transposed movement don’t musically relate to the forced scale (unless you are using forced scale C Major)   Let me try to explain by an example if I am playing with a forced scale of D Major (consisting of the pitches D, E, F?, G, A, B, and C?. )   If I make one of my tracks a transpose track and try to create a transpose pattern that plays two bars at my original pitch then raises my  note patterns pitch by a 5th in the current implementation I need to remember  that my 2 bars of untransposed sequence will be called "C " in the transpose track and my "transposed us a 5th" bars will be made by inputting" G"   However, what I am proposing is to make the transposition tracks relate to the force to scale setting that is in use…so in this example you would input "D" for the first two bars and "A" for the next two bars transposed up a 5th… much more musically related   Does that make sense?
  15. MIDIbox SEQ V4 Release + Feedback

    After a day watching some very good instructional youtube videos  I have FINALLY after all these years, got my head around the transpose track function...I LOVE it, it's beautiful....however... can I make a suggestion? seeing as the pitch name on the transpose page (C3 etc) is not directly related to the pitch of the transposed track, could this be changed optionally to use something like "Nashvile Notation" where C=1, D=2, E=3, F=4, G=5, A=6, B=7 and octaves are the second number ( i.e C3 would be 1/3) me it would just be less mind boggling then looking as my transpose tracks G3 or whatever and having to think "this means A in my song" etc   thanks as always for listening.