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The Dub Master MIDIbox 64 -work in progress-


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i just recently bought a pickit2 for my midibox project and i realized i would have to make an adapter board to conntect to the pic chip. so if you need it, i have a LVP programming adapter designed for the pickit2 to 40 pin ic socket.

LVP won't work, we need HVP... Sorry dude :(

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LVP won't work, we need HVP... Sorry dude  :(

so doing LVP on the bootloader with a pickit2 burn, then popping the pic into the midibox to program the rest of it through MIOS won't work?  (i found that LVP is enabled from the factory and that you need to turn it off somewhere in code.  i could be wrong as i have not actually tried any of this yet.)

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I checked the tracking number for my package today,

and it looks like im recieving the PicKit2 today.

While i wait im going to make the adaptor board.

Hopefully i'll have the box up and running later today.

If i don't screw up that is. 8)


I know add-editing is a bad habit, and im sorry stryd.

But im only doing this to punish you for the fact that you turned my marriage proposal down. :P

Update from the chatroom.

Chuck was nice to test burning a PIC18F542 with his PicKit2, using a simple adaptor.

Bootloader got in there alrigh. Chuck then procceded with uploading app using midi and this got throught too.

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I know add-editing is a bad habit, and im sorry stryd.

But im only doing this to punish you for the fact that you turned my marriage proposal down. :P

add-editing is not always a bad thing.

The main point is not ot add-edit after someone else has replied.

glad to hear it's sort-of going well!  ;D

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The main point is not ot add-edit after someone else has replied.

That's true... in the chat I said to foona, add-editing is not always a bad habit, it's bad if you do it alll the time (which he was when i stung him for it), or when you edit the post a long time after you posted (because people might miss it, as it doesn't show up as an unread post)

Edit: (hahha seriously) I think that a long string of edits or a long string of replies to yourself with updates, are a sign that you should have waited before you post.

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word... i found out that the pickit 2 does do HVP, and i only need to add a switch (or jumper) to my adapter board  on the pin 38 (RB5) to make it capable of HVP or LVP.  (at work right now and the adapter board drawing is at home.

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I just built this http://nuxx.net/gallery/v/stuffivemade/dip40picadapter/

I hooked it up to my PicKit2 and uploaded bootloader to a PIC18F452 with success! :)

that looks nice!  that's about what mine will look like when i get my cnc back together and cut one... oh and i gotta find some pinheader strips because they have the ones i ordered last week on B/O until next month.. geez ;)  i may just end up cutting off one row of a two row header and using that...

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Well, im not gonna get the DIN or the DOUT's ready in time for the gig,

so im gonna use the box in the state it is now.

The way it went today, im not even shure if i ever finish this box.

At least i have the most important parts working, pots and faders.

And that means i can Dub. :D

This is the last MIDIbox project im ever gonna do,

so i want to thank all of you that brought me tech help and support.

I especially want to thank these guys:

Stryd_one, Cimo, /tilted/, Bugfight, DavidBanner, buhler, Chuck, SLP, MTE, nILS Podewski,

Seppoman, dstamand, Narwhal, TK, SmashTV, t_xen, baconjuice..

If i left somone out, it's not because im not greatfull for your support,

is't just that my memory aint too good. Im just a simple cowboy.

I wish you all the best of luck with all your projects.

I'll throw upp some pictures of my half finished box as soon as i have time for it.

I got a gig to go get ready for. ;)

Love an' Blessin's


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yep sure, now wipe your tears off and get back on track, i got an half finished box too, for the last 2 years, so what? am i any better than you because of that?

sincerely (<--- as in "i say what i think")


You've got a half finished box? Top job.

You know what I've got?

A box of mint-condition faders (never been soldered).

Around 300 LED backlit tact switches (condition as above).

Probably 25 of Smash's kits (fully assembled, but not yet turned into anything)

6 2x24 EL backlit LCDs...

This list just goes on and on...

Midiboxes? None. I just don't seem to get enough time in one block to actually finish the things.

Please Foona, don't lose heart now.

Go and Dub their socks off, then finish your masterpiece.

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YOU CAN DO IT FOONA!!! :D  anyhow, you've done really awesome man!  i'm "behind" on my projects so i can't really say anything but i can say.... 

This is the last MIDIbox project im ever gonna do,

  this is SO not true! ;D

good luck with your gig foona!

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I have to chime in on this too, I've been watching the progress of the dubmaster and I say you have done a great job so far. You even have the girlfriend who helps that we all wish we had....(I am however grateful for the wife I have who Tolerates my hours of work on various electronic music related projects, and hey, I did get her to bend some leads for me once :))

I had a three year absence from midibox, with a still half finished SID, and now I've started the SEQ. You owe it to yourself to finish the box, it really is beautiful. Take a break if need be, but come back to it.

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Well, this is my half finished box people.

Hope you like the design.

There are some stuff that im not too pleased with,

but i'll be able top correct that later on.

Either way, i present to you my "Mb DubMasta Cbs 3.978".

"Cbs" stands for "Cowboy Style" hahaha :D

Oh yeah, all i have is this crappy cam on my cellphone.

This is why pictures differs in coloring and light..also a bit fuzzy..

Old school sloapig case design made out of oak wood.

Stained with plain brown staining and then clear coated.


Im telling you, this beast wasn't made for easy dusting haha.

As you can see it's pretty much laid out as a mixing desk.


25 faders - Volume

1 fader for each channel on my virtual mixer + 1 fader dedicated for main mix/volume


24 rotary pots - Pan

1 panning pot for each channel on my virtual mixer


8 rotary pots - Fx

These are dedicated for Fx remote, like tweaking reverbs or dub delays etc etc..


It's been noticed in one of my eralier posts,

that the rotary pots are space to close together. And they are :D

I'll build a new case when it's time for it, and when i have the dough for it.

Also if i feel it's absolutely necessary of course. :)


The ass of my Cowboy style DubMasta.

Delicious isn't it?


I feel like taking a bite out of it..


Main power panel.

Simple switch and a DIN-5 connector.


Main Midi in and outs, from the core.

And the LTC MIDI connnectors and LED's.


Im still very satisfied with the "Stryper-looking" cable.

Goes together well with the box and PSU.


Well, in this half working state, it's loaded with the MB64 app.

I configured the pot mapping using mk_syx way.

As Stryd pointed out to me, this is not the right app for this kind of box. And he's right.

This is just a workaround due to the fact that my gig is in only 4 days now,

and i need the pots and faders most of all.


The PSU case is made out of oak wood and stained in plain brown stain.

Just like the case for the DubMasta.


Now i did not design this PSU case myself, a carpenter friend did that.

I only provided him with the measurements.

I told him to put some cutted tracks in it, but did not specify how many or where.

So this is what he did, and im so pleased i let him design it himself.


Yup, that's just beautyfull.


And here they are together in harmony...half finished harmony. :D


There are also 41 push buttons on the box, together with 24 LED's.

(27 counting the 2 LTC LED's on the back. + plus the RED power LED in the upper right corner of the box)

These are not functionall.

There functions was supposed to be like this.

25 buttons - Mute

1 mute button for each channel on my virtual mixer

25 LED's - Mute indicators

LED's dedicated to indicate muted or unmuted channel.

Also collor scheme from the left to the right.


16 buttons - Triggers

These where meant to be used as triggers, for stuff like FX on/off.

One shot samples, drummachine etc etc..

Iv'e installed 1 banckstick in there, cuz i have no need for more.

Im using no menu buttons (DIN's don't work anyway haha).

I just needed to set all the CC#'s once and then always use that setup.

This is how i work.

So there you have it people, my "Mb DubMasta Cbs 3.978".

I humbly bow before the MIDIbox community for making this project come true.

Now im signing of to go prepare myself for "the Dubbening".

Respect to you all.


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That.  Is.  Gorgeous.  I nominate for MB of the Month

you could try to find some smaller knobs
I was just about to suggest that.  Some that taper to a tip like the famous ALBs/Waldorf ones would work nicely.

Well, I'm not going to sleep with you, but I wouldn't kick your MIDIbox out on the street on a cold night  ;D

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