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a Midibox+ of the year 2002


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Hello all,

i like to present to you a picture of my Midibox+.

7 years ago i promised Thorsten to sent him a picture but at the time i did not own a digital camera nor a steady internet connection. Today i have both! (I attached the pictureof the Midibox+ because i don't know how to insert the image here)

I did not use the Box for quite a while but will be using it again soon. There are some Automation Lines in Blue, a composition program for Csound. There are plans to midify those Automation Lines, so the Midibox+ has become actual again.

The Midibox+ (PIC 16F) is still in good shape, only the second pot is giving jitter, it must be dirty because of dust :) Also the LCD has no backlight; at the time an LCD with backlight cost a small fortune!

Thorsten, once again, thank you for the Midibox+.



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