Virtual MIDIbox BLM16x16+X

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The virtual MIDIbox BLM16x16+X runs on a Windows PC or Mac and allows you to evaluate the new possibilities before building the hardware:


Download and additional informations:

The thank-you goes to Phil Taylor, who ported the original Cocoa based solution to Juce, so that it can not only run on a Mac, but also under under Windows (and Linux if really required)

Best Regards, Thorsten.

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Nice, thank you!

I've been trying this tonight for a while.

Can't wait for a "real" one.


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I'm only posting here to avoid cluttering the BLM board.

I have to say this thing is already helping me get more out of my MBSEQ. I would like to know if a few things are possible or feasible.

I was playing with the virtual BLM and was making chord melodies and wanted to play different lower and higher notes than whats is normally available. I went to menu->fx->scale and changed the major scale to different settings and as I understand switching to different scales it was a long process to find the note I wanted to use. For simple "piano roll editor" types like myself I would find a up/down function very useful. I don't know how it would be made available. I would think an additional two buttons in the design might make sense for future builds that could either switch the whole octave up/down (with 2nd color leds lit for other octave notes) or step/scroll it so you can see going from low notes to high. Or maybe someone could explain scales to me so I can always get the note I am looking for without losing the flow.

Also curious about the transposer page coming up. Will each of the 16 tracks be able to transpose on the same "page" at the same time? So I can button mash on 16 tracks simultaneously for crazy transposing?

Any chance of getting the effects pages in the BLM so I can adjust the delay feedback on all 16 tracks simultaneously for some reggae effects. Maybe have the far left side of each row be 0% and the far right be 200% something like that?

And can the processor handle all this? :)

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