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First steps - help required


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I’ve decided to try and develop an assembler app for MIOS, got a little setup of 6 buttons, 4 encoders, LCD and LEDs. Am OK with hardware side, but am a bit lost with where to start with the software.

Have read the guides, but is there any kind of simple app that I could modify to do this:

Press a button or turn an encoder to get a message on the LCD, extend this to light some LEDs as well. Just as a first step.

Am no stranger to assembler (or C) but it was a long time ago….

Any pointers would be appreciated.



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Basically what you are saying translates to this:

"Hi! I would like to do something very simple the hardest way possible. Just because I want to. Then I noticed it's actually pretty hard. Can someone pretty much solve the problem for me and hand it to me... cause I really wanna do it the hard way for no apparent reason."

I don't mean to sound rude, but seeing how you have no clue where to start of - if you do not have a really good reason for doing it in assembler, don't. If you really need to do it in assembler, do it in C first. Easier on the eyes and the structure of a MIOS app is the same either way. Then when you actually know how stuff is going to work, redo it in asm.

Anyways, here's what you need:

- .\mios_base_v1_1\apps\templates\asm_skeleton\

- http://ucapps.de/mios8_fun.html

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