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Mix Up on STM32 Core ???

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I have just ordered a STM 32 Core and started stuffing the parts.

As I am always doing mistakes myself, I mixed up some resistors on the board and so had to double check everything. So I found a little mistake on the silk screen or on the design.

Please help!!!



P.S. Thanks for the Forum workaround, worked fine for me on OS X 10.4

post-8502-096774300 1296986979_thumb.jpg

post-8502-046709600 1296986991_thumb.jpg

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Hi Michael,

the labels on the silkscreen are correct, please take them as a reference.

I just noticed that the .brd file published on my website reference the V2a design, while SmashTV offers the R1 version (which is newer than V2a - it wasn't my idea to call it R1 ;))

The documentation will be updated on my website soon.

Best Regards, Thorsten.

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Sorry for the confusion!

I thought that change was also in the V2x files TK and I were trading at the time, but once again I have proven how badly things can go wrong when I put some thought into it. :)

As always there is some documentation directly derived from the production board files on my info pages, and this one also has a red-eyes-after-rosin-flux-exposure-readable resistor map:


Best regards


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