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Trying to figure out how to make a simple adapter for the 2 LCD:s that's needed for the LC, since the pinout is completely different, did anyone make a adapter card for it or what?

I'm thinking of making a perfboard with a ribbon cable in and do as in the tutorial document and 2 ribbon cables out with the correct pinout.

Does anyone have a simpler solution?

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Rectangular housings and crimp pins, similar to this:

You crimp the pins to the end of individual wires, then push the pins into the housing. The result is a connector which will mate with a multi-pin header. You could create adapter cables for each type of LCD.

You would need to solder a header (optionally right-angle) to the LCD.

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the LCDs share the same pins, except for 1 wire, being the adress

so the best is to do what's done for harddrives in computer : ribbon cable. just isolate the adress wire and it is OK

connector is the following

Rq : if pinout of LCD and Core differ, just rearrrange order on Core's connector , it is easier than rearranging on each LCD !! (i did this on my seq v2)

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