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what do I need to buy?


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Hi all! I am a mewbie that wants to make a midi controller to control software such as traktor.

I want to have: - 30 momentary push buttons

- 10 potentiometers

- 18 LED's

After reading alot on the midibox site I'm guessing that I will have to buy: -1x core 8 kit + PCB with a PIC18F452

-1x AIN kit + PCB

-1x DIN kit + PCB

-1x DOUT kit + PCB

Can anyone tell me if this is right? If not, what will I need.

Thanks :)

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I´m also planning to build my own midi controller. It´s pretty similar to yours so i decided to post here.

I´ve got a few questions:

1. Is it really not possible to have buttons mixed with encoders on one DIN board? ( I only have 16 Buttons and 2 Encoders

2. Can I buy those components in Mikes Shop?

3. I plan to use the encoders for Jog-Wheels. Is that possible? And how can i mount them?

(I´ve already got disks (like a cd but without a hole and of course metal.)

4. Can I extend this setup in the future? (For instance with a AI-Board or another DI?)

I think so because in available ports include connections to other D IN modules but i want to be sure :-)

So my compontents would be:

Core_V3 (without PIC)

DINX4_V2 (for Buttons) and probably another DINX4_V2 for encoders, right?

DOUTX4_V2 (for the LEDs)

and of course a PIC (thought to buy a PIC18F452 for compatibility)

ordered at Mike´s shop: http://www.mikes-elektronikseite.de/mshop_deutsch/

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Yes to all questions :-)

you need only one DINX4 for 16 buttons and 2 encoders (16 + 4 pins used from 32 pins in total)

The mounting of the jog-wheel depends on the jog wheel of course - you can buy plastic ones suitable for mounting on 6mm "D-Shaft" encoders.

Extension is possible up to 4x DINX4 and 4xDOUTX4.



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Thanks for your super fast reply!

I want to do something tricky/funny …

I ordered two old 5,25 Hard drives and i want to use them as jog wheels so i think i have to do some filing :-)

I´m really excited. Hope I´m not getting addicted ^^

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just to add some info: you can always mix encoders and digital switches on one DIN board, you just need to follow the appropriate order. also you might have to make changes in your firmware setup file. what you can't mix obviously are switches or encoders with analog pots, that's all.

while you're at it you could consider also getting a small bank stick pcb for 8 eeproms (you can get the board also from mike, not sure if they're listed in the shop though)

pleas show some pics of the process, especially the HD jogwheels!

edit: here's a link (as example for combination of switches and encoders), it's of the sequencer, but basically the same thing:


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Thanks Rosch!

Of course i will post some pics if it´s gonna work.

Mixing digital with analog sources is a no go, i know :-)

I feel a little depressed right now, because i spent the whole day reading the software how to´s and i find it pretty hard to get in touch with.

All i want to achieve at the beginning is sending Midi CC out of the digital encoders or buttons and LED´s that respond to incoming CC´s.

I´m experienced with "normal" midi controllers as well as OSC. All I want to do first is assign a Channel and CC to a specific button.

Do i have to understand all of the stuff going on here: http://ucapps.de/cmios8_fun.html ?

Or are there functions in the MIOS Studio 2.2.1 software that allow me to do that once paired with the PIC (I ordered it today so i haven´t got it yet).

Thank you!

PS: I really like to figure out new stuff but the access to the stuff shown in the link i posted above is really challenging.

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Hi ionas,

maybe an already finished project is right for you - have a look at the MBHP projects section on ucapps.de and in the user projects section in the Wiki.

If you don´t find anything that suits your needs, I would recommend to directly jump to MIOS32 (and replace that Core8 by a Core32) - it is easier to program and has very good tutorials here:




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