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- Where did you get those illuminated Buttons from?

It's Hand made, based on wackazong (Ander) idea, to use acrylic. ().

But this rectangular form do not works well, it's very difficult distribute the force applied from any part of the button, to the tactile switch.

My first Prototype was a square button with the tactile on bottom of the square and the leds on center of button. Works Perfectly! I should made square buttons...

I can post the cad drawings of the square buttons if you want, but im warning you: would need a Dremmel (rotary tool) to cut the acryl and to made the outside structure.

As you can see in the photo, i use double-sided copper plates. Its really a good idea, because the copper reflect the light from inside the button.

I need of an idea to keep that shiny aspect of the copper...

In next step of the project, i will make this buttons, but only in summer (this buttons are very laborious).

- It should be named YAT"C", Shouldn't it? ^^

It's a pun with TraKtor and all their controllers called Kontrol (S1,S4,K1 and F1)...

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which parts of the MIDIbox platform you've used in there?

I used the circuit module din and dout. The board was tight, both top and bottom ...

Also, how do you get the data for the LED meters? Is that via MIDI or a Traktor-specific protocol ?

only midi. I thought it would be slow, but not as much as I expected. The last two buttons will change color in accordance with the MIDI clock. Not too fast, but enough. The camera did not help, but you found it slow?

The code was created from scratch, peak hold and range of the specific Meter shows a lot about the beat. I thought it was cute! Rather more LED, but there was plenty of room on board for more 74HC595.

I did not like the response of the buttons, but as there is not to cue juggling, worked well. but could be better. Change the design at run time without testing is always a mess...

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