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  1. Very cheap Displays

    Hello everyone,   i've just found these two hd44780 compliant displays at amazon:   20x4 white letters on blue background - 6.69 € -   16x2 white letters on blue background - 3.29 € -    
  2. MIDIbox FM V2.0 on LPC17

    wow, this is an enormous frontpanel! however, i am not sure if the quantity of all those dedicated LEDs and Buttons will simplify the use of fm synthesis. i am aware that modeling fm sounds is not that linear compared to classic subtractive sounds, but linking every parameter to a single haptic element instead of burring them into a fragmented displaymenu wont solve the problem in my opinion. i really liked the "quick set" concept of the old frontpanel, maybe selected extensions and using a larger display together with a new menu structure would do the job?   Regards, Nasrudin
  3. Why not use pc keyboards as input devices?

    many keyboards only allow a limited count of buttons pressed together. also there is a noticable delay between pressing the button and the requested event.
  4. Recommend a DAW?

    How about Cubase? i am using it since Version 5 (currently 6.5) and i am very happy with it. if youre going to compose some tracks which shall be recorded with real musicans: cubase has a builtin scoring editor which allows to convert your composition into note sheets. I've allready used this features 2 times and i can really recommend it. The builtin effects are very well sounding. depending on the version you buy you get a first class convolution reverb, too. the new synths - Padshop and Retrologue do sound really good and are easy to program.
  5. Motorized Pots on an MB-808?

    How about a different approach?   going into the circuit of the 808 soundmodules, you could probably replace the pots with different op amp circuits. this way, you can connect the controlvoltage input of your amp circuit to an Aout_NG modul. this solution requires a bit more effort, but the result would be way more satisfying.   of course you could do the automation the oldschool way: record the repeating sequence while turning the nobs. get a friend to help if you need more than two hands (actually, this was the common way of mixing an album in big studios before faderautomation was invented).
  6. AVR-Synthesizer "WAVE 1"

    Danke für die Infos!   Wenns etwas kosten darf: Schaeffer ( fertigt dir als Endkunde auch Einzelstücke. Den Preis kannst du dem hauseigenen Programm entnehmen, sobald du deine Zeichnung übertragen hast. Ist nicht unbedingt ein Schnäppchen, das Ergebnis ist seinen Preis meiner Meinung aber wert.   EDIT: Habe eben erst enddeckt, dass die Frontplatte und Profile aus einem Stück sind - Wirklich unpraktisch.  Die Firma Lochmeyer ( nimmt auch Material zur Bearbeitung entgegen. Direkt als Endkunde kannst du dort aber nicht bestellen, das müsste du über eine Firma "geschickt einrichten".   Alternativ könntest du die Frontplatte / Rückenblende bis auf einen Rand oben und unten (den mittleren Teil mit einer Tischkreissäge herausschneiden)  zur Verschraubung aushöhlen . In die vorgesehene Vertiefung für Folientastaturen könntest du dann deine individuelle Frontplatte (1,5 mm Dicke für einen sauberen Ãœbergang) einlegen und mit den belassenen Rändern verschrauben. Letzterer Ansatz wäre mit wenig zusätzlichem Aufwand zu bewerkstelligen und würde dennoch zu einem professionell wirkendem Ergebnis führen. Beigefügtes Beispiel würde ca 50 Euro kosten, Ohne Farbauslegung der Gravuren wirds günstiger.   Gruß Nasrudin
  7. AVR-Synthesizer "WAVE 1"

    Wo gibts denn dieses schicke Gehäuse zu kaufen?
  8. maybe you could cut away the the part of the LCD-PCB that stands beside the Display and solder the the wires to the traces manually. it would be a difficult task, but can be sucessfull if the needed traces are available on the backside of the remaining PCB.
  9. DAW controller orientations and design

    Hi Endernumea,   i've started a similar project for cubase 6/7. I'd like to have a transport- / plugin- / mixer remote controller. advice: save money for motor faders. you will love them, i promise you :-) suggestion for the v-pots: why not preparing specific scenarios for your pots? for example: when you have to modify your EQ parameters, you probably want your v- pots alligned similar to an analog mixer.
  10. This one is cool! Will it be available as a download?
  11. Infrared distance sensor

    some information concerning your issue with the "unreachable upper 5%": i am not sure if a similar option is allready included into the code, i just wanted to share the general concept of dealing with this kind of problem (without the need of aditional electronic parts). contra of this solution: reduces resolution. Cheers, Nasrudin
  12. [SOLD] Shruthi-1 XT

    Der Download funktioniert nicht und die eingeblendete Werbung verärgert meinen Virenscanner... o.0
  13. YATK

    Nice Photos! Two Questions: - Where did you get those illuminated Buttons from? - It should be named YAT"C", Shouldn't it? ^^
  14. Hello Sauraen, There isn't much stuff available that is free, high quality and royalty free at the same time. A good adress would be imho DSK-Music. they have made a pretty good soundfont collection, which is sold for 25 dollars in different file formats. Of course, 25 dollars is not free but a payable amount of money. you can check der site for several samples. cheers, Nasrudin
  15. MIDIbox FM Planung

    Hallo ADK, ich würde ebenfalls 1 Satz nehmen: 1* YMF262, 2*YAC512 Gruß Nasrudin