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my first finished midibox

John E. Finster

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hello and merry christmas everyone.

i´d like to present my first finished midibox project. there are some pics in my gallery.

/edit TK: link to gallery: http://midibox.org/forums/gallery/album/175-miditool-for-finale-2006/

it´s a little christmas present for my dad. he plays the trombone and uses Finale 2006 to edit scores and for practice, but he has a alot of difficulties entering the notes via laptop. he doesn´t have a midi keyboard or the space for one, so i thought, with all the midi knowledge i acquired of this site, i could build something, that could help him. so...voilá.

it´s nothing fancy, the buttons on the right side are for step entering notes in the score, just like he sees them on the printed score. the buttons on the left side are for various functions like setting up the note length or adding key signitures. with the encoder on the top he can scroll through the notes/measures on the screen. it´s not too big, he can easily place this thing next to his sheet.


1 Core STM32

1 DINX4 Module

app: midibox_lc_v2

many thanks to TK and to the very helpful community.

P.S.: while i´m writing here, i have a question regarding the frontpanel. mine is made by Schaeffer, i designed it with their frontpanel designer. i was very careful and always kept to the 0,1 inch grid while designing. the panel came a few days before christmas and looked very good. but as i tried to fit the pcb with the buttons (dt6) through the panel it wouldn´t fit. the holes from top to bottom kinda "drift apart". i had to cut the pcb in 3 parts to make the buttons fit through the panel.

do i have to expect this kind of discrepancy in general with a panel?

anyway, thanks again and merry christmas.

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Hi John,

an inspiring project; thanks for posting this! :)

do i have to expect this kind of discrepancy in general with a panel?

No, this is very unusual. It sounds like a production failure or a SW issue, it could make sense to inform Schaeffer about this.

Best Regards (& Merry Christmas), Thorsten.

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Hi John E. Finster

Nice thoughts! Might be the smallest Midi-keyboard i have seen...

It makes sense to Print the Front panel Layout 1:1 to hold it over the device before ordering.

I never had a disadvantage with Schaefer. It always showed up to be my fault in the end...

Happy new year!


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I used Front Panel Designer to draft a panel that I then built by hand, and I noticed that when you copy-and-paste objects, they are not pasted in exactly on the grid, but a little off in both directions. I always have to remember to align every object to the grid after pasting it. That might have been the problem. Check your file--zoom in all the way and see if the little + corresponds exactly to the grid point.

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i'm logged in and the link says 

Sorry, you don't have permission for that!

happy new year to all midiboxers ...


Same goes for the individual pictures as accessed via user's profile's gallery. And same Happy New Year to all folks!  :rolleyes:

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hi, thanks for the comments.


regarding the un-fitting of the panel: it turned out, that it was my fault after all. the pcb i used didn´t have a correct 0,1 inch grid, the grid was a tiny bit smaller than 0,1 inch. i orded some other pcbs to check that. so, in the end, Schaeffer did produce a correct panel  :happy:.


i will be heading for new MIDIbox adventures now...



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