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SEQ's max CV I/O capability?


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Heyo! After lots of thinking, I've decided to build a SEQ to become the navigation system for my spaceship. I've become hopelessly addicted to modular, and am curious if someone who use's their SEQ in a similar capacity could comment. 


Question one, whats the max output of analog info? 8 cv, trigger, and gate? Is more possible? 


Question two, can the SEQ interpret incoming cv? For instance, can I clock the SEQ from a simple trig out of my modular? 


Thanks much for the help! 

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There was the option of more gates (at least in V3) but I think CV is limited to 8 outs.


I was wondering whether you could clock a second AOUT module for another 8 channels, it's possible in theory but I'm not sure about the programming side. You could always build a second one!


The analogue inputs are used as gate outputs in the current setup. There is a tap tempo function however...

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