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Obsidian Session


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long time no other music posts here, sorry for spamming the forum, I hope you post some other music soon, before I get banned! ;-)


Anyways, had a small live session last night, featuring the fantastic MBSEQ V4 (can´t wait for the mbseqv4 plus model, yeah, more notes per track! :smile:). For me, this workflow is fantastic, impossible to do this in software with any DAW (tried some), so many thanks to TK., who made all of this possible!


Also many thanks to J, who constantly provides me with new hardware recommendations, for example the DIY Polivoks filter was his tip - and it is a blast (easy to build, cheap and sounds fantastic, e.g. on basslines or on the SID sounds)!


Well now, enough talk, thanks for listening and watching, hope you enjoy the summer!



Many greets,


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I for one enjoy each and every track! Some day I oughta leave my comfort zone and post some noise/auditory terror :smile: Maybe some MBseq/"Buchla" 258j DIY bass drone? Or some Serge WAD clangorous stuff... The hardware is just an enabler for musical ideas, there has to be some skilled ppl who could probably make awesome synth sounds with resistor leg clippings :smile:

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