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SID chip gets hot


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Hi everyone!


I'm just done with  my PIC Core and SID R3A, and I have a question to you guys. Basically everything went well, Mios works like a charm. I have the sid testtone app uploaded, no problem, I have the signal on the output. The question is that the Sid chip goes hot.... After a few secs I hardly could hold my finger on it... In the meantime the sound was fine. It's a pulled 8580R5 (5187) from my own C64, was working perfectly. Is it normal? Should the Sid be  fitted with heatsink? What is the average normal temperature?


Thanks in advance!


Ps: sorry for starting a new topic:)

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The 8580s, when correctly provided with 9V, can live without heatsink (and probably already did so for decades! :smile:) 

You can fit one, nevertheless (i´ve got a few pictures, if you are interested). With heatsink, mine get warm, not hot, i´d say around 40-50° celsius or so.


Many greets!


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Hey lads!

Thanks for the answers! Here is the result of the past few hours: I've probably fried the sid, I don't know how. With the connection test I've measured only around 1,7-2,2V on the D6-D7 pins of the sid when inserted, 5V when pulled out. Then I checked the resistance between this two pins (out from the socket) and there was about 320 ohms resistance. Strange thing, the testtone was worked.... I had another (the last....) 8580, which has the proper voltages of all pins.... Now the other one is back in the C64, I'll test it tomorrow. I have no idea what was wrong...


Ps: the actual sid is just warm:)

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