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problems with sammichSID Outputs


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hi everybody . I purchased a sammichSID 2 years ago and i realized that i only hear the output from only one speaker when i insert the jack (stereo jack) to the bottom / all the way down, however , if i put / plug the cable halfway i listen by 2 speakers (but its like a mono sound i think).  So , can somebody explain me which kind of jack cables i need ?  maybe stereo jack ?  perhaps i have an output issue ?   I have donde the same with another cable and with 2 headphones and the same problem : cable inserted / plugged to the buttom .  Thanks very much 








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okey i will take a look. although I break everything I touch.  Btw what do you think in your opinion ? where is the audio problems? inside the sammich ? or perhaps in the output connectors ?  I got change the mono / stereo inside the sammich interface ( stereo mode >   http://www.ucapps.de/midibox_sid_manual_fs.html ) but still the same problem.  I hear all in the right speaker but in the left speaker i hear noise , only noise . Let me see if i can solve this problem with a tecnician or something. Thanks a lot

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You don't need a technician.

It sounds like one of your SIDs is broken.

There are 3 contacts on a stereo plug. Tip, ring, sleeve.

Tip is left channel +.

Ring is right channel +.

Sleeve is - for both channels.

Fully plugged in, left speaker is connected between Tip ans sleeve, right speaker is connected between ring and sleeve.

Plugged in half way, your speakers are both connected between tip and ring. You'll hear the same on both channels.

This means, jack and plug work as they're supposed to do.


To check, just open the sammich, exchange SIDs.

Reassemble, try it out.

If the problem changed sides, one of the SIDs is broken.

Take a guess which one, pull it out. 

If the sammich still plays tones, you guessed right.

Get a replacement for the SID.

6581 need to be replaced by 6581,

8085 can be replaced by either 8580 or 6582.

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hi again. Finally i opened the box and i found the 2 chips . Two 6581 . I suppose that one of them could be wrong / not working correctly. So , now its time to do what Imp adviced . But now (im a noob of course ;) ) now i want to know how extract the sid chip (in right position) .  Need i a screedriver ? need i un-weld below the board ?  any tip ?   So sorry im a noob. Maybe is easier than i expected.  Thanks for your help !








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