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"Upgraded" forum complaints/suggestions

latigid on

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2 hours ago, Shuriken said:

Yes we are aware. The only way we found so far is that an Admin; Edit the Image and saves it. If you can point out what gallery you were trying to view, i can try and fix it for you.

A lot of them but Here is one I found again:

Should I post here as I come across them ? I hate to cause clutter or work, I just wanted to see what people have been up to since I've been gone. For the most part the Build guides I will need to finish my SEQ and BLM seem to be working, so it's more of an annoyance than a hinderance.


Let me say again to the Moderators, thank you for your hard work here!

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Hi there,

unfortunately no news - afaik the IPB-Forum tech support did not report back - the gallery repair process crashes, when it is launched, and we would basically just have to do a lot of work by hand (editing and saving all gallery images). Unfortunately, this also cannot be scripted very easily, so we are currently stuck (or would need to invest a lot of time). For now, hoping for a new version to resolve the problem.

Many greets,


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