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89MotioN using MIOS


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Hi all

As maybe some of you guys here already see, my moving fader system is close to the development end

It use MIOS and some MBHP part (core 32 and line tx/rx)

In few point, it's not eligible for sale request

-it's not cheap at all

-I don't plan to share layout in a close time range.

I start to take temperature and interest at groupDIY forum, because it's a place were this kind of system can have echo too

I don't plan to sell, ready to go system, except if someone ask me but I don't believe it will happen.

The idea is more selling PCB or partial kit, nothing is decided yet.

There is interest for sure, at the end maybe 5 or 10 pple will effectively invest in this for a first run, it will not be a mass production at all...

So let me know what you think around here, because interest at GDIY is growing up, and If there is now way to do It I have to quickly stop all hope the guys have, to avoid disappointment.





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