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it has been a while and it is great to see others posting their sound output in this forum section as well, please keep it coming! :-)...

Here is a new late night live jam session, this time with a pair of C64 SIDs (8580) (one engine in the MB6582) and their spiritual successor, the Ensoniq ESQ1/ESQm. Both synthesis engines feature three oscillators per voice, the ESQ1 offers more waveforms, improved envelopes and modulation possibilities and an increased audio quality.



Bob Yannes (the creator of the SID and founder of Ensoniq) once stated, that he (given he would have had the time and resources) would have liked to put the ESQ1 architecture instead of the SID sound architecture into the C64. In a parallel universe, this has probably happened, hehe :-).

Many greets and thanks for watching and listening!


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This sounds great!  Really cool, Peter!

I've always been a fan of Ensoniq... even before I was hip to the Yannes connection.  Not only do I love the sound, but the ESQ-1 was the originator of my love for VFDs in synth gear...

ALMOST got my hands on an ESQ-M recently... It's still on me radar.

Yeah... Ensoniq got a bad rap... Somewhat deserved from what I hear... I took a synth repair class w/a guy who has been on the scene since the 70s in some pretty high places... and he certainly didn't mince his words when it came to Ensoniq.   That said, Mr. Yannes did pretty ok in the end.  Ha!


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Thanks, guys! :-)

J: That JD-990 is definitely on the watchlist, but as all other synths you recommended, they somehow magically become moar expensive every day! :-)

Blatboy: The ESQ-M is awesome! You'll surely love it - It fits nicely in a rack, also there are not soo many parts, that can fail, and you can use software editors... Of course, the SQ-80 would be the best in class with more waveforms... It is astonishing, what sounds you can get out of a few 8-bit waveforms and nice analog filters. Even though it is a hybrid, it can sound more oldschool analog than most modern analogs :-).

Many greets up north and to NYC!



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