Sid player mode works for some songs and fails some parts of some other

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Hi. My Midibox Sid V2 seems like having a werid problem. I use midi patchbay with sidplay to play sids. I have been checking midi latency and it seems allright. It can work for hours without a problem. It is able to upload hex files without a problem. When i want to upload vintage patch it can upload untill 64th patch. It can be controlled over ctrlr and receive and send data. However while playing some sids it has some problems. Like it can play Robocop 3 but cant play arkanoid. My sidplay preferences are set carefully and it has hex file for 8580 uploaded. I have a CSG 8580R5 running.

Here are some recordings attached to show how it sounds. Arkanoid and Funky has problems obviously and robocop 3 sounds right. This sentence sounds werid too. i know i know :D


Timo Taipalus - Funky.mp3

Martin Galway - Arkanoid.m4a

Tel Jeroen - Robocop 3.m4a


Those are proper recordings of the songs:





Thank you all for your time.

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Unfortunately the SID play mode is not widely used...

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As I mentioned in a different thread (see below), it was really fun to get SIDplayer mode up and running, but there are a number of shortcomings that take away some of the fun (i.e., no support for 2SID or 3SID tracks, MIDI not being able to keep up with the performance needed to play digi tracks with digi samples, plus some other odd playback glitches).

I'm also lucky to have an Ultimate 64 from Gideon (https://ultimate64.com/Ultimate-64-Elite), which supports two physical socketed SIDs. The SID playback there is really nice! You can even combine playback from your real SIDs with multiple instances of the built-in FPGA UltiSIDs (i.e, The Tuneful Eight).

Of course there's simply no substitute for the sound design possibilities and the live playability of a MIDIBox SID, so I guess the use case is just different.

Probably not helpful feedback, but just sharing some thoughts...



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