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-=mazik=-mush plus knob equals MBSEQ v4


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i had a wave of aphex mania lets say
,nevertheless still like some of his music

setup is mackie,akai z8 with 8 outs,korg ms 20,moog slim phaty,waldorf micro q,and few other

actualy on this track i tried V MACHINE from SM PRO,and predatohm vst - sounds interesting

after few try outs ;)


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Nice to meet you also =)
Still working seq concepts over modulbox modules. I have some music done but software-made (ableton stuff) so i don't think it's good way to post it here.
But you may like it, see my soundcloud / myspace links on my wiki user page =)

I had almost 9 years of dreaming looking about each 6 months ucapps. Always evolving. And still evolving . bringing dream that i would be able to understand a bit and BUILD ! from SEQ V3 (the rackmounted one)
then core boards evolved to bring up MB CV-V2 or the infamous SEQV4/V4L through BLMs.

But being mentionned before, since raspberry / arduino / boards alike have came ,it brought many peoples out from MIDIbox :/ I think there is still lot of DIY fun to have with midibox hardware ,and moreover.
By my side excepted Mixing tables / Multitracks tape recorders i do not own any hardware synth yet :s
But have big interest in (vintage) analog synths !! Want to see korg ms 20,moog slim phaty,waldorf micro q and ... the total setup in the end :D
That's always visual candy to me to see (complex) hardware synth setups .

Pleeaaase pictures :D


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hi Peter

so first 8 tracks from mbseq is sampler (Z8) but

in order to gain more timing accuracy first 4 from out1 second 4 from out2

then track 9 moog,10 sh101 AOUT,channel ,11 ms20 AOUT,12 microq


midi input one is midi cotroller to control Z8 params:filter,reso,pitch and MBseq param:transpose and track length

thats basicaly it





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