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crimic - electronic setup teaching....


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7 hours ago, latigid on said:

Schööne Demo! Accent is mostly quite okay for me ;)

What's the next plan with the band? GIgs? Recording? Or just more fun jams?

we have about 90 songs in the loopstation, formaly driven by a korg electribe sequencer - but not in the new "drum-world" - i have to fill my sequencer and Midibox-stuff with informations...we currently jam once a week, means i make drums and sounds to it, and cri also overwork the loops and exercise his guitar-synth-play.

we work on 1-3 songs + 2-3 beer a session + record this early ones for us (to reproduce the work) and youtube.

making the basics for 90 songs > gigs

4 proffesional recording the setup is not the time now - i have some still missing elements that must be bevore: melody sequencer+analog bass!, preset-filterbank... analog hihat and cymbal.     ... but for live its ok up to now.

43 minutes ago, Hawkeye said:

Nice explanations and perfectly understandable even for Bavarians, hehe ;-) Keep them videos coming! :-)




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